Furniture Design Software that is Made for Woodworking

If you enjoy woodworking as your hobby (passion maybe???) you may be looking at ways to create better designs before you purchase your materials and head to the shop.  The problem is – generally speaking – you love woodworking but not learning programming and choose not to invest the time and effort it takes to learn a CAD program.

Also – just to let you know — CAD programs know little or nothing about woodworking.  Just try adding a tenon to a board using a CAD program — it’s just a bunch of lines…

But woodworkers know better.  A tenon is a joint that has the effect of making the cut length of a board longer than its design length.  And you better know that on your cut list or — well maybe the board that was cut without that extra 3/8 of an inch can be used somewhere else!

Pull out deskCAD is not a good solution for many woodworkers — certainly not for most hobbyists.  You want furniture design software that is made for woodworking.

You want to start working from drawings like the one on the right.   You want  to see your ideas in three dimensions, get your parts / cut lists, and do up some dimensioned drawings.

Share the images with friends and family.  Get feedback and response.  Improve the end result of your work by designing it correctly in the first place.

SketchList 3D lets you do this all.


One user wrote in the following about SketchList 3D:

I’m fiddling with those corner shelves, tweaking and adjusting — and learning my way into many nooks and crannies of this delightful program.
I cannot tell you how excited I am about how splendid this program is.  It just makes so much sense and does so much !  It’s exactly what I looked for!
Soon I will be printing out an optimized layout sheet for the plywood and taking it to my supplier for them to cut for me…  I’ll leave some promo material for SketchList there to let them see what I’ve been talking about.

Now the good news — cost.  While SketchList 3D provides all the features a commercial woodworker needs to win business and run his or her shop — you only do a few projects a year and don’t want to make a professional sized investment.   We have heard this and priced a version of SketchList 3D  for the casual / hobby woodworking enthusiast.

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