Cabinet Calculator Excel Like in SketchList 3D

SketchList 3D contains a cabinet calculator excel like function.

When designing with SketchList 3D you operate on both an individual object (for example a board) and multiple objects. The multiple objects are located together in relationship to one another according to the plan for any given assembly. Operating on an individual object level you can use the form within SketchList 3D to enter and change values. There is a spreadsheet function – some people think of it as cabinet calculator  Excel like functionality.

Spreadsheet Calculator
The spreadsheet function allows you to view an object in context with other objects in your design. It helps you see how any one or any set of objects relates to any other object or objects in the design.

What important tool in the cabinet calculator that is a bit Excel like is the ability to calculate values within individual cells. If you move your cursor over a cell and hold the left mouse button down for a few seconds you’ll see the content of the cell becomes able to be changed.

When that happens and the cursor within the cell is to the right of the number you can’t type in a plus sign, a minus sign, a multiply sign, or a divide sign and then  another numeric value. Then click the column heading corresponding to that cell – for example you changed with you click the column heading white – you’ll see that the math has been applied to those values by SketchList 3D.

There are other functions and uses for the general spreadsheet in the design process.

Watch this video.