Wood projects design software uses virtual board – video

Wood projects design – introductory video shows how to locate and size boards in your design

Wood projects design
Wood projects design


This is the second of a series of basic introduction videos on how to use SketchList 3D for wood projects design.  This video covers the placing and sizing of virtual boards in your assemblies.

The first video covers the use of assemblies, doors, drawers, and hardware – their creation, locating, and sizing.

The tools used to locate and size boards are show in detailed examples in this second video..

Both locating and changing the size of boards can be done using one of three tools.

Dots on boards – red dots change size, blue dots change location.
Form – enter new values in a form.
Spreadsheet – enter new vales in a spreadsheet.

Your wood projects design using SketchList 3D is sped up greatly by using and one, or combination of these tools.

Please watch this video.