face frames

Face frames saved as standards

Face frames video when they arface framese saved shows how they can be reused in other places.








Face frames appear in many different jobs.  Cabinets, bookcase, entertainment centers – they seem to always look better with the finished look of a frame.

This video shows how to use a door as a container in which you ‘build’ a frame with two rails and two stiles.   The face frame is then saved as a standard  to be used in other jobs or parts of the design.  To use it drag it where it’s needed and resize accordingly.


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  1. Marta Brysha says:

    HI Dave, I really like this style of video ie silent with written text. I often find that with the talkie videos I’m just catching on to what you are saying by the time the visual input has passed.

    • Dave says:

      Thank you. I thought it might help to have the text. I am reviewing a video I just made on drawers and found the ability to stop and start on the text give me more time to think. I appreciate the input.


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