Design Software in 3 Easy Steps

Design Software in 3 Easy Steps – Video

  1. First you insert an object or container.
  2. Second you size it.
  3. Third you locate it.

An object is a board – generally speaking.  A container is a collection of objects and other containers.  For example the container Assembly can hold the containers doors and drawers — not to mention board.  Containers are a way of organizing your design and saving steps and time.

design softwre structure

More than that I saw the same tools are used in each step.

  1. Slider bars.
  2. Drag objects or containers with dots at edges or corners.
  3. Right click those same dots to open a box where you can type in values.
  4. Type in values in the form at the right of the main screen.
  5. Type in values in the spreadsheet at the bottom of the main screen.

So learning to use the design software means inserting, resizing, and locating objects and containers.  And the tools for all three of those are the same.

Sure there are more tools and techniques – but you can design a good deal of complicated things with this simple approach.

Take a look.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.