Woodworking design software productivity tools

Woodworking design software productivity tools

Recently I helped a contractor use our woodworking design software to create a series of a plans for an interior of a remodel job.  Part of this design was a frame mounted on a wall that would be used to hang storage units.  It’s a very simple design but the user made a discovery after the design was complete that serves as an excellent learning experience for SketchList 3D users.

  • Spreadsheet calculator
  • Blue dots
  • Alignment tool

While we were doing the design we “built” this frame to be about 15 feet long. Not thinking as first about the size of the elevator the frame had to ride to get to the apartment.   We were stuck.   It was a little bit like building a boat in your basement that is bigger than the bulkhead.

The solution was easy enough to achieve.  Basically we cut the headboard and half and adjusted the parts.

woodworking design software frame


This is really  difficult at all but gave us an opportunity to explore different ways to use the SketchList 3D tools.

Specifically, we will demonstrate following:

  1. Using the calculator in the spreadsheet.
  2. Using the alignment tool to locate structures.
  3. Resizing the assembly on the left, cloning it, and relocating it to the right.

Watch this video to learn to use the tools.