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SketchList 3D Savings Estimator

  You can add your own values by entering them in any cell with a green background.  
  What do you charge per hour?          
  Bids you make per month on average.          
    Current Manual Method SketchList 3D Savings
  Steps Hours $ / Bid $ / Month % Saved Time Saved $ Saved
  Prepare 2 D Drawings
  Prepare 3 D Drawings
  Pull off Parts List
  Shop Drawings
  Optimize material layouts
  Create Purchase List
  Determing Cost of Material
  Determining Cost of Labor
  Prepare Proposal
  Total to Prepare a Design and Quote =  
            Hours Dollars
  Monthly Savings ==============>        
  Annual Savings ==============>          
  SketchList   Cost Paid off in
          or after proposals.
  Add in:  
  Profit from winning one more job per year    
  Savings in materials per year    
  Total Additional Financial Benefits    

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