A new approach to furniture design software all started with this cabinet.

Background – Furniture Design Software

SketchList’s founder, Dave Rozewski, once built a breakfront for display of artwork and storing dishes. Wanting the best design, he took time to learn to use several computer design packages.  However that was not a good experience.  He found most software packages hard to learn while not meeting the specific needs of woodworkers.  So he designed his own software.  Over several years SketchList 3D evolved into probably the perfect solution for anyone creating custom designs in wood.

Innovation in Furniture Design Software


SketchList 3D was designed to meet the needs of woodworkers. It achieves unparalleled ease of use because of its novel concept of working with three-dimensional boards on your computer screen. Designing with SketchList 3D is like building with your hands, not programming a computer.  You see what you plan to make instantly.

SketchList 3D eliminates the limits of CAD programs and moved forward as the first 3D modeling program for specifically for woodworkers.  Most noteworthy modeling is more than drawing.  With models that the act of designing encompasses the tasks of reporting – integrated and automated. Any change in the design instantly appears in all the reports.

Common woodworking functions are reduced to just a couple clicks. Contours, joinery, shaping, hardware, doors, drawers and cabinets. All built in – a matter of mouse clicks.  This type of process can take a long time in CAD.  

Our innovation continues.  Because we listen to our customers.  We understand how they work, what they like in our software, and what can be better.  Then we incorporate their best ideas and suggestions into SketchList 3D.

User Input

I craft custom sized display cases and display case stands, tables, and display cabinets.  When I receive a request for quote for an item, I also generate a model rendering of the item using SketchList, and send this picture to the prospective customer along with the quote.  I have received several positive comments back from customers who liked being able to get an idea of what the item would look like.  I also use the parts list report as a reference when I start cutting the pieces that make up the item.

Bill Boyd

I have used a great many different CAD programs over my 25 years in this business, and SketchList Pro 3D is one of the most intuitive I have seen for cabinet makers.

This system is certainly different from the many CAD programs I have used in the past, but that is just because I am “re-training”. Really, most CAD programs work pretty much the same and once you know one, the only differences are features. SketchList Pro will be easier for woodworkers to learn since EVERYTHING is designed from boards, just like you are already used to. It is a subtle but very important distinction in my opinion.

It works like you do. Not with lines on virtual paper but by assembling individual boards and panels into recognizable objects. These can then be saved and placed into a known work space just as you would on the job site. I know of no other program that gives you both 3D renderings to sell the job to a client AND the cut lists, shop drawings, and optimized material layouts to build the job with should you win the bid.

Ralph Bagnall – Author, Consultant, and Wood-shop Owner



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