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List of Fixes in Cabinet Design Software

We have been asked for a list of fixes for our updates. We are working on a way to do this as part of the update but until then…

  1. Add additional columns in optimizer. Assembly name, part size
  2. Added default texture usage for boards created in Quick project creation module
  3. Added filtering in material size grid
  4. Added fix to close project list screen and automatically go to main form after project quick creation
  5. Added functionality to open material size tab after adding new texture
  6. Added functionality to show AddBoard form after dragging board on project
  7. Added more detailed message that is shown when contour or joinery cannot be applied
  8. Added new icon
  9. Added orientation icons in main toolbar
  10. Added rule to prevent duplicate texture names
  11. Added update of all texture within project after scale value changes
  12. Adding 3D preview section in Edging module
  13. Adding additional save of layout elements when application is restarted
  14. Adding correct notification in Edging module when no edges are selected
  15. Adding rule during standards creation, name cannot be empty
  16. rule that board texture must be selected before board is added
  17. Adding support for decimal values for material prices
  18. Adding verification step for cases when joinery ends out of assembly
  19. Changed board numeration in Quick project creation module
  20. Changed size of notes text box
  21. Changing the size of standards images during drag and drop
  22. Clone&Space UI issue
  23. Container auto-resize
  24. Correction for instant render in joinery preview section
  25. Detecting available edges for Joinery/Contour module
  26. Detecting Thickness for selected board and changing dimension button label
  27. Dimension lines in optimizer and zoom in/out in material image section
  28. Disabling optimizer button when no projects are loaded
  29. Drag and Drop functionality added
  30. Edging module fix – dimension values are not red highlighted when they are incorrect
  31. Fix for “Triangle” rendering bug
  32. Fix for case when board is hidden but hole contours are shown
  33. Fix for closing optimizer form
  34. Fix for disabled assembly resize situation
  35. Fix for situation when material cannot be deleted even if it’s not used in any project
  36. Fix for situation when user cannot apply chamfer contour after applying another contour
  37. Fix in project detail editing functionality
  38. Fix in quick create project functionality – changing board orientation and the changing size makes board go to previous orientation
  39. Fix in Shrink&Stretch module
  40. Fixed crash in some cases when assemblies are merged
  41. Fixed crash situation that sometimes happen in drawer level
  42. Fixed crash situation that sometimes happen in hardware detail level
  43. Fixed crash situation that sometimes happen when new material is added
  44. Fixed crash that sometimes happen in shop drawing module
  45. Fixed crash when contour is added on shaped board
  46. Fixed several crash situations reported by users
  47. Fixed situation that sometimes happen when object is deleted in spreadsheet
  48. Fixed slider behavior for hardware objects added in drawers
  49. Fixed synchronization issue in General Spreadsheet
  50. Fixing crash situation when texture scale value is changed
  51. Fixing drag and drop of Standard items
  52. Fixing situation when Settings form is automatically closed after a warning message
  53. Hierarchy level fix – cannot add a hardware to drawer
  54. Hierarchy level fix – The hardware is added as the same level in Door detail level
  55. Improved installation process for Mac, support for new OSX
  56. MAC – crashes when adding notes
  57. Mac – PDF creation issues
  58. Manual Updating
  59. Material database backup and restore feature
  60. Material sizes and cost fix – able to see hidden sizes when access available sizes from optimizer
  61. Optimizer fix – when board is bigger than size set on settings boards are repeated on optimizer
  62. Project list form fix – copy does not work
  63. Project thumbnails – adding support for jpeg images
  64. Reduced CPU usage in Purchase Report form
  65. Replace material module added
  66. Several changes in purchase report functionality
  67. Several fixes in Save As Preset functionality in edging module
  68. Several UI changes for Mac version
  69. Several UI changes in Settings form
  70. Shop drawings UI change – preview pop up is too small by default
  71. UI changes and few fixes in shape module
  72. Updating 2D and 3D view on quick project creation

If SketchList 3D produces a crash report it is very helpful if you send that to us. If the auto-email does not work – it may be because your email program is not set as the default for that computer. In windows look under Start – Programs – Set Default.

At this point most everyone is working on killing bugs and we are making good progress. Crash reports are way, way down right now.

There are several major feature changes – like the ability to drag a board into a container without going into that container in the hierarchy. A video will be posted this week to review these improvements.

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