SketchList 3D — Bookcase design software.

Bookcase design software?  Apparently SketchList 3D does a fine job with that.

There is little I like better than good news from a SketchList 3D user. This one is about using SketchList 3D as bookcase design software.


Good afternoon Dave.

I am attaching a  picture of a bookcase that I just completed where I had designed it in SketchList bookcase design software.

The first is the completed but unfinished bookcase.

bookcase design software

This is the first project I have done using SketchList Pro.  What a blessing it has been for the design, purchasing the products and the cut sheets.  Made the cutting so “easy” and with the two different sizes of plywood used the waste minimal.

I have attached the file as well and expect that you could have done it much more efficiently.  I expect I will be able to as well as I continue using the program.


Thanks for a great program.




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