Cabinet Design Software – Consider the Project

Cabinet Design Software – Creating Projects Primer 1. Projects are created in SketchList 3D. The definition of project includes the idea of planning and organization to achieve the desired outcome.   Too many times when using SketchList 3D users rush the project creation stage and begin inserting boards and other objects. Working with users I find Read More

Face frames saved as standards

Face frames video when they are saved shows how they can be reused in other places.               Face frames appear in many different jobs.  Cabinets, bookcase, entertainment centers – they seem to always look better with the finished look of a frame. This video shows how to use a Read More

Casework design using standard boards.

Casework design time can be cut dramatically by re-using standard parts.   The linked in video on YouTube has three goals. Allow new users to begin designs without rally understanding the concept of board orientation. Reviewing how to use the very powerful red and blue dots editing features. Introducing a new way of designing that Read More

Re-sizing cabinet designs

Re-sizing cabinet designs – one size can indeed fit all.   In this week’s webinar we had an opportunity to discuss and use the cabinet re-sizing capability within sketch list 3-D. The users had questions about what would happen to a shape or to a data placed on a board when that board was stretched Read More

Cabinet Design Software adds Interface

Announcing a CutList Plus direct interface from SketchList 3D Cabinet Design Software. Several months ago some new SketchList 3D users wrote in asking how they might export parts data for input to their CutList Plus program. CutList Plus is offered by Bridgewood Design (  It generates optimized sheet layouts that allows you to make the Read More

Woodworking software – new boards.

Woodworking software – new boards video. I got an email from someone trying SketchList 3D. It had to do with our woodworking software regarding new boards and default materials.  He concluded that once a board is inserted into a container it cannot be changed.  While he is wrong about this I understand how he got Read More

Drawer slides

Video shows how to add standard drawer slide.   This is a very short posting.  I have had several users ask to see how to insert drawer slides into their designs. Over nearly ten years I have seen many, many variations on how woodworkers make drawers and what kin of drawer slides they use.  So Read More