More Wins. Bigger Margins.

What began as a powerful design tool has grown to become a better, more efficient way to manage your projects and enhance your proposals.  Some users consider it their primary business tool.

A 2016 survey with over 100 Customer respondents confirmed the following impact:

Our software helped them increase their winning percentage by an average of 28%

SketchList designs helped our users average a 14% increase in leads

Our users cut the number of sales calls to close by more than half

Average time to design a product is reduced by at least 20%. Average time spent on rework and downtime was reduced by 64%

High-impact Features Help You Sell

  • Finally, get control over both your time and your customer’s expectations.
  • Enhanced designs help to distinguish you as a premium provider, and your prices can reflect this.
  • Put forward to most professional image possible from the first contact on your website to the delivery of the completed job
  • Customer interactions are much easier and more productive when you have detailed designs
  • Rotating 3D PDF design exports can be used with a touch screen

Beautiful Designs Help You Close

  • Quickly react to requests for changes in scope, scale, sizes, colors, etc
  • Backdrops and backgrounds add context and create engagement from your clients
  • PDF exports from SketchList allow for a truly interactive presentation
  • Lighting and shadows give your designs

Just on making proposals SketchList saves me on average 15 hours a month. In my first 30 days using SketchList I saved more than twice the cost of the software, maybe more.