Video of Version 4 features, techniques, and tips

Image showing screen with Furniture Design Software

Furniture design software should be easy to use — very visible and intuitive.  There are, of course, many techniques and methods of work in woodworking that need to be designed – and you need to understand how to do that.


“I really hate this darn machine;
I wish that they would sell it.
It won’t do what I want it to,
but only what I tell it.”  ~Author Unknown

So you want to learn how to tell SketchList 3D the correct things to achieve your design.  Even the best computer software, if it is accomplishing anything meaningful, requires at least a little bit of learning.

The ways people learn to use software for furniture design depends on their learning styles and preferences.   This page presents a link to the  a quick guide index of videos on how to get started, and a list of detailed videos on topics such as how to design a door.

There is a quick start-up set of videos that introduce you to many functions and processes in SketchList 3D. 

In addition, though out this web page you can enter a search word or phrase in the  search box in the upper right corner of the page to find a list of articles on any given subject.

The videos below go step by step  designing furniture like desks, bookcases,and cabinets.  They show how to do face frames, joinery, shaping, and contouring.

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