Optimized material layout saves money

Materials, stock, and optimized material layout. Introduction: SketchList 3D integrates the process of generating optimized material layout diagram with that of generating your design. One benefit of the optimized material diagrams, both for sheet good and dimension lumber, is that waste is reduced to a minimum. This saves money and material cost. The second benefit Read More

Woodworking Design Comments

Woodworking Comments from Terry “I’ve been using SketchList for a VERY short time, less than a month. I have some experience with 2D drawing from working 35 years as engineer, but I do have some wood working experience, about 50 years. But I’m far from being a journeyman. Now that I’m retired I’m working on Read More

Face frames saved as standards

Face frames video when they are saved shows how they can be reused in other places.               Face frames appear in many different jobs.  Cabinets, bookcase, entertainment centers – they seem to always look better with the finished look of a frame. This video shows how to use a Read More

Re-sizing cabinet designs

Re-sizing cabinet designs – one size can indeed fit all.   In this week’s webinar we had an opportunity to discuss and use the cabinet re-sizing capability within sketch list 3-D. The users had questions about what would happen to a shape or to a data placed on a board when that board was stretched Read More

Optimized Material Layout Diagrams

Optimized Material Layout Diagrams and Cut List Reports how to…. A user called me the last week asking about the optimized material layout diagrams in SketchList 3D. One of the main attractions for SketchList for this user was the ability to save time and money by generating layout diagrams. The other question on his mind Read More

First Steps with Cabinet Design Software

Cabinet Design Software –  Getting started that all important first board. In in my last blog, I showed you the workspace for my actual kitchen. I’ll be adding the cabinets in that space, but it is a bit large for creating a single cabinet. No issues actually doing it, but it would involve a lot Read More

Optimizing Parts Layout – cabinet design software

SketchList 3D Cabinet Design Software – Optimizer   The optimizer in the SketchList 3D cabinet design software package saves your time laying out materials for cutting, but more importantly, saves materials by minimizing scrap. The optimizer takes each part of the project sorted by material type, name, and thickness then calculates the best combination of Read More

Documentation Video – furniture design software

To to find help for SketchList 3D  – furniture design software Sometimes I get emails asking the most basic of questions about SketchList 3D furniture design software.   I understand that when you are learning something new even things that appear basic to others might be confusing.   I’ve been working on a new series of videos Read More

Cabinet Design Software – clone function

Cabinet Design Software – using the clone functions to save time  SketchList 3D cabinet design software  allows you to make exact copies of any object in your project by using the clone function. The clone function saves time by allowing you not to redesign the same part over and over again. (Somewhat related to this Read More