First Steps with Cabinet Design Software

Cabinet Design Software –  Getting started that all important first board. In in my last blog, I showed you the workspace for my actual kitchen. I’ll be adding the cabinets in that space, but it is a bit large for creating a single cabinet. No issues actually doing it, but it would involve a lot Read More

Woodworking Design Software to Resize boards

SketchList 3D –Woodworking Design Software – Resize Lesson: Changing or modifying the size of a board. In this lesson in using your woodworking design software you will learn to modify a board to meet the requirements of a design.  Please note that the techniques of changing size of a board apply to changing all of Read More

Follow me as I learn this cabinet design software.

My name is Ralph Bagnall. I have been a professional woodworker for more than 20 years and a woodworking author for nearly 15. I have a very extensive background in CAD, CAD/CAM and 3D programming for shop drawings and CNC programming. I use everything from a $40 2D Drafting program to a true 3D modeling Read More

Woodworking Design Software — Shop Drawings

How to Create Shop Drawings in SketchList 3D Woodworking Design Software The SketchList 3D woodworking design software provides a full capability to create as detailed a dimensioned shop drawing as you desire. Because it is integrated every time you add an object to your design, that object is automatically added to the shop drawings. (Of Read More