Tenon and Dado to Join Boards – woodworking design software

A user emailed me asking how to use SketchList 3D woodworking design software to join boards together.   Specifically he build a shoe rack and wanted to fix the shelving to the side boards.

What I like about this project is that this contractor used a relatively simple design to get started with SketchList 3D.  He made good use of features such as clone and achieved a result.  When stuck he sent in an email and asked a specific question.  This video will help him get moving.

The process is automated to the point where you specify the size and location of the dado and the tenon – and SketchList 3D does the rest.  There can be a great degree of flexibility in the resulting tenon.  Fast.  That’s the goal of woodworking specific design software


So follow the guidelines for good testing / learning.

  1. Have a realistic first project in mind
  2. Watch some video to learnshoe rack desgined with woodworking design software
  3. Begin
  4. When stuck – communicate.

Thank you,