Tradeoffs in Customer Design Software – Life is a Tradeoff

Some of the things I enjoy about my work are the emails and phone calls I have with woodworkers.  While they sort of cluster into groups, no two are exactly alike.  And I really like talking woodworking!

In these conversations I began to see the development of furniture design software that meets the needs of woodworkers as a bit of a push-pull.  Some users want more features in terms of graphic appearance and ability to design, some want more software functions, some want better shop reports and drawings.  Well you can’t do everything at once – so how do I decide?

First of all – what’s most important to you?  Easier, faster designs let you bid more business.  Better imaging influences prospects to buy.  Shop support information speeds time through shop. Again – what do you need?

As the Professional Version is released and we begin plan and implement its update, I will be sending out surveys to find out what you would like.  BUT in the meantime — if you have something you’d like to see — send me an email about it.  Or we can get together and talk.

My goal is to make your business more profitable. That is the only way I will be more profitable with mine.

SketchList in the sales and delivery process