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Learning how to use cabinet design software

If you are in the business of making and selling projects in wood – and you are considering adding cabinet or furniture design and modeling software to your toolkit – you want get it done right the first time.   And you want to get it productive as soon as possible.  SketchList 3D training will do  that – and more.

Lots of people have downloaded or even purchased different kinds of software – only to put it aside.  That’s OK if you don’t need the software’s functionality – but if you do, that’s a problem.  You need to learn how to use it and use it to its fullest extent.

Training will get you using the software too its fullest extent in the shortest amount of time.

You’re in the business.   You make you living with your woodworking.   The quicker you can learn to make you designs and proposals more professional and complete – the sooner your sales and profits will soar.  One user wrote in ““Sorry it took me so long to purchase your software, but boy when I did, did business boom!”   

Here’s a real life story.  This person wrote in expressing some frustration in getting a project completed with SketchList 3D.  Her company builds custom stairs and fireplace mantels.  We arranged an on-line training session.

What’s that?

An hour session where you connect via internet with a SketchList 3D expert and review basic SketchList 3D features, ask questions, and actually design something you are working on and need.  A computer service allows us to see each others computer screens and talk on the phone.  You don’t even need to have SketchList 3D installed – but it really makes sense to have it one your computer so you can follow-up.

Back to the story.  We spent about an hour together online and got her started with SketchList 3D cabinet design software.

This is what she said.

“I successfully created a beautiful mantel that my husband will begin production on today. He was finally able to spend some time with me on Saturday so that I could show him all of the attributes of SketchList and he could help me iron out the construction issues that I was having. He was so impressed with all of the time savings and  professional outcomes that this program provides.”



mantel work - cabinet design software

Now – designing 4 jobs that have a very good probability of selling!    That’s the kind of quick action your business needs to compete more effectively.  And SketchList 3D is here to train you to bring you up to speed as quickly as possible.


There are two types of training.


1. Paid one on one training and design sessions.

You can purchase training sessions on this web sites store. CLICK HERE.

2. Free online group webinars.  See the schedule on this web site.