Types of woodworkers

With thousands of global users, we’re able to bring solid insight into woodwork  design best practices. Different types of woodworkers need us.

Our users typically fall into 5 distinct categories, and we design our product to serve the different types of woodworkers  with powerful features and functionality.  Sketchlist delivers every time.

Interior Designers

With high demands on color, clarity, definition and impact, our professional interior designers build beautiful spaces in Sketchlist. Our woodwork-specific features allow them to easily add contours, grains, hardware, backdrops and other objects not easily applied in other systems. They use Pro version in order to take advantage of our reporting and output features when passing their designs over to our next group. Once the design is approved they send it to a wood shop for cutting and fabrication.

General Contractors/Home Builders

Our GCs wear many hats. They want to win more jobs and spend less time putting together bids. Yet, at the same time they need proposals that are as compelling and pleasing to the clients. It’s a lot to juggle. Because we know they’re busy we make every effort to make them as productive as possible as quickly as possible. The simple interface our commitment to training does this.

Custom Woodwork Shop Owners

You design and install kitchens, built ins, entertainment centers – anything the client wants or needs. Your shop needs a system that quickly produces compelling designs and proposals. You must be very responsive to a sales opportunity and flexible in the design and sales process. Only best ideas presented through the highest quality images will do for your proposals. When you win the deal you need accurate cut lists, drawings, and materials reports to get into the out of the shop quickly.

Corporate Users

You work at a company that offers woodworking design as a supporting service. Examples include office layouts, storages areas, case goods, portable shipping containers – anything build in three dimensions using some sort of building materials. As a force of one, you’re the designer responsible for delivering those designs both quickly and efficiently. With our design tools at your disposal you’ll find that producing and updating designs now takes minutes instead of hours.


Over the years you made a nice desk. And then a chest. And then a table. And then you’re spouse started asking questions about all your stuff in the basement… Now you’re ready to take things to an even more advanced level. Sketchlist is your tool to do that. It is the ultimate measure twice cut once tool in your toolbox.

Woodwork Design applies to many aspects of building, remodeling, and business.  Having the correct software makes is much easier.