Woodworking Design Software — Shop Drawings


How to Create Shop Drawings in SketchList 3D Woodworking Design Software

The SketchList 3D woodworking design software provides a full capability to create as detailed a dimensioned shop drawing as you desire. Because it is integrated every time you add an object to your design, that object is automatically added to the shop drawings. (Of course it’s added to the parts list, purchase list, and optimized layout diagram as well.)

To create shop drawings you must be at the level on which you want to create the drawing. At the project level you can dimension the sizes of the assemblies. In order to dimension objects within an assembly you must be at the assembly level.

At the assembly level you can dimension the outer sizes of doors drawers and hardware, as well as, of course, the boards in that assembly.

In the door drawer or hardware level you can dimension objects within those containers.

You enter the dimensioning mode in SketchList 3D in one of two ways.

1. Under the reports main menu item you’ll see a sub items for create shop reports.
2. If you left click the button that is at the top left of every 2D image area, you can select shop drawings from the menu that appears. Select new shop drawing, or edit an existing shop drawing.

There are two types of dimensioning within sketch list 3-D.

One is the line length of any edge in the design.

To show the length of a line, select the line tool and move the cursor over the edge you want to dimension. A dimension line will appear. Pull that line out by selecting it an d moving your computer mouse.

The other mode of dimensioning is point to point.

To show the distances between two points you must activate the point tool as shown in the toolbar and with your cursor hover over one corner of the object, the red dot appears on the corner move to your next point or corner and hover the cursor until another red dot appears. When that happens, dimension line will appear between the two dots and display the number of units between the points.

To produce printed shop drawings go to the reports menu in the main menu bar. Select reports shop drawings. When the shop drawing form opens select the assembly in which the drawing exists. A list of drawings for any given assembly will appear. Pick your desired drawing from the list and click the print button. Details on these forms and variations are shown in the video contained in this post.