The Views Area

By default, the Views area starts off with four views of a project or assembly, which are labeled Top, Front, Right, and Perspective. You can change the number of views, and can also see Back, Bottom, and Left views of the current project or assembly.

The Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, and Right views

Each of the Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, and Right views displays the specified view of the current object in 2D. For example, the Right view displays the right view of the current project, assembly, or component. Other labels at the edges of the view, such as Front or Top, help you keep track of the object's orientation.

The outline of the object is shown as a shadowed container that encloses all the components belonging to the object. Below and outside of the object, there is an image of a floor to help anchor the design.

Each of these views has a background grid by default. When you position your cursor over the grid, a pop-up window shows the distance from that point to two of the left, back, and bottom edges of the object, depending on the view.

The Perspective view

The Perspective view provides a 3D view of a project or assembly. Unlike the other views, the Perspective view does not have a background grid, and the cursor location is not displayed.

Working with views

You can work with views in the following ways:

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