Cabinet Design Software – Stretch, Shrink and Move

Cabinet Design Software Adds Dynamic Re-size…

What are those red dots and blue dots on my project design?   As we work with more users of our cabinet design software we find that there’s a need to design things more quickly. One of the strengths of SketchList 3D  is  the ability to design from a board level.  This gives you a great degree of control over the detail of your particular design.  In addition to that  some users are beginning to become  more proficient with the use of saved objects like assemblies.   Inserting them into designs lets them get started more quickly.    To aid that user who was looking to work on more of an assembly level we developed new capabilities within SketchList 3D.   There are three different areas of this development:

  • the ability to locate and move an object to a specific point
  • the ability to dynamically stretch and shrink an object using your mouse/cursor
  • the ability to connect, attach, butt objects based on any given point or corner of the object.

The newest build of SketchList 3D will be coming out next week.  It contains exciting new capabilities to objects, re-size objects, and locate objects using your cursor and your mouse.  The net effect of these new capabilities will be to speed design time.  This will happen because you will be able to essentially make one or two assemblies based on the way to you construct your work then take those base assemblies and make them any size that you need. You insert the assemblies into your project, modify their size as necessary, and move them to any location you desire. This  video demonstrates these new capabilities.


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