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Get the Best Woodworking Software That Helps and Not Hinders

It's a hard truth, but your current approach to design could be setting you back. It might be wasting your time and costing you money.

As a woodworker, you know that getting the right tools can make all the difference in your work.

Whether you’re working on personal projects or commercial ones, we know you need to spend less time planning and more time creating. SketchList 3D’s woodworking software makes it easy to create quality designs, reducing the amount of time you spend on each project.

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Are You Getting Burned by Your Design Process?

If you can't produce high-quality drawings and plans for your woodworking, you're toast. And even if you can create drawings, you still need to make revisions quickly and react instantly to changing circumstances if you want to remain ahead of the competition.

Having the right woodworking software tools can make all the difference. Using the wrong software, however, is really counterproductive.

Traditional Design Approaches Just Don't Cut It Anymore

Sketching out designs on paper is time-consuming and challenging to modify. You are wasting time by frequently preparing and changing your drawings. And instead of impressing your prospects with your proposal, hand-drawn proposals create doubt, raise too many questions, and fail to separate you from the pack of other bidders.

While CAD software may seem like a time saver, it's really a time sink. It's draining to learn and sorely limited in its ability to quickly make adjustments. And when it comes to cut-lists or material diagrams? Don’t even ask!

So, What’s the Answer?

You need software that was designed by woodworkers, for woodworkers. It should ‘think’ like you do so that you can focus on the design and not the software.

SketchList 3D’s woodworking design software enables you to optimize your design process, turning your vision into a step-by-step action plan, complete with cut lists, material layouts, and purchase reports for accurate cost estimates.

With the advanced features and an interface specifically designed for the woodworking workflow, you'll have less stress, fewer headaches, and be able to unlock your full potential to design more complex and sophisticated projects with confidence.

Working with SketchList’s Woodworking 3D Modeler Involves Only Three Steps:

Inserting virtual boards
Cutting them to size
Locating them in the design

The 3D rendering engine uses your design calculations and cut angles to generate 3D models instantly on the screen. The built-in features and analytical tools automatically generate the layouts, spreadsheets, drawings, cut lists, and purchase list reports for all your needs. From chairs and benches to tables and closets, our woodworking software makes project guesswork obsolete.

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What is Woodworking Design Software?

Woodworking design software is a professional-grade design tool that offers powerful, advanced features that give you the ability to easily create original designs. In addition, you can re-use designs and modify them for other jobs.

With its diverse drawing tools, it can be used by woodworkers of all levels of experience – professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike.

Discover how the Best Woodworking Design Software Gives You an Added Advantage

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2D Drawings with pencil and paper as part of the design and drafting process just don’t cut it.. Show your clients your woodworking ideas in a realistic 3D model, and the project is as good as yours.

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With a few clicks, you can reproduce recurring design elements and generate wood-cutting lists, shop drawings, and material layouts.

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Designing furniture and 3D modeling unique, functional pieces is now faster and more cost-effective with our in-built features and state-of-the-art drawing software.

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Make sure you and your clients visualize and have the same goal from the get-go.

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After a 3D model is complete, your client will have a much better idea of how the final project will look. If something in the plan needs to be changed, you can do so quickly with minimal effort.

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All woodworking niches under one solution

Whether you're looking for furniture design software or kitchen design software, no matter which area of woodworking you specialize in, SketchList supports them all.

The Roadmap to Becoming a Master Wood Project Designer

Choose a woodworking and carpentry design program that is better at streamlining your workflow.

Whether you are new to the world of woodworking or can recite the different wood types in your sleep, here are the steps to take to bring your woodworking designs to the next level:


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Review our Video Tutorials

Review our collection of step-by-step video guides that give you a comprehensive deep dive into each one of SketchList’s powerful features.


Start with a Basic Project

As you get started with your first practice project in this new world of 3D carpentry, we are only a call, email, or text away. We also have a comprehensive collection of supporting materials that will guide you along your way.


Attend the Weekly Workshops with the Experts

Fast-track the learning curve by joining our weekly workshops where we explain in detail how the tools work, discuss some tips and tricks, and answer any and all questions about our woodworking design program.

Transform the Way that You Bring your Designs to Life

Whether you're a commercial woodworker or just starting out, our drawing software has the tools to help sharpen your skills. We have helped nearly 5,000 users go from wasting hours in their process to creating quality, detailed woodworking design plans and schematics for their projects in less time than they'd imagined possible. We’re here to give you the same dedication to your journey – no matter what stage you’re at.

Our Promise to You

When you choose our carpentry design software, you're choosing a tool that will help you achieve complete success in your woodworking projects. We understand the importance of having a professional-grade design tool that is easy to use and reliable - something that will save you time and frustration.

After dedicating a little bit of time to learning our wood modeling software, we guarantee that you will walk away with confidence that you are making the best decision for your woodworking needs.

See What Others Had to Say

85% of responders said they’d recommend SketchList to friends and family

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I am a brand-new customer and, after 30 minutes, have fallen in love with SketchList Hobby. Your program is exactly what I needed - and it is so easy to use. In my first 30 minutes of use, I learned all about SketchList Hobby as I entered my current project. It’s just a simple crate, but it has to be exactly right in order to protect the contents that will be stored within. As I learned more about the program, and took advantage of the different views and tools, I found more than one math error I made when I was working with pencil and paper. I am in love with the program and am now searching for an excuse to upgrade to the Pro version.

John Canning
Quote icon

Thanks a million for your work on the program. It's the first I've been able to pick up and use rather quickly. I'm looking forward to spending some time on SketchList’s website watching videos and tutorials.

Quote icon

Although I only do woodworking as a hobby, I absolutely love SketchList 3D Pro. You are doing a great job with it.

Lee W. Peterson
Quote icon

I am very happy that I found SketchList. After trying some CAD programs and Sketch-Up I found they weren't optimized for woodworking. This software does the job and makes it easy. The videos were helpful and got me going in a very short time.

Rick Clifford
Quote icon

SketchList stands behind their product like very few companies do! They offer an incredible service and I can not let stop saying how much I like this product.

Scott Becker
Quote icon

I have wished for something like SketchList all my woodworking life! It is the most incredible product and I absolutely love it! I'm going to be making projects I never would have attempted because of all the drawing and paper designing that I would have had to go through. Not to mention all the errors that would be likely.

Michael Douglass
Quote icon

Starting to get the hang of SketchList and I just got the go-ahead on a couple of orders where I used your software for renderings. They said they “loved” the look. Thank you!

Tom McLaughlin
Quote icon

I'm not a professional woodworker... just a home hobbyist! Have always hand drawn my designs because it's faster than trying to learn a CAD program. But the simplicity of SketchList is exciting. I can see myself making a simple construct to work out any problems very quickly.

Ron Seher
Quote icon

This software has been very impressive so far, especially the reports and PDF file. The training videos were very helpful as it gave me the confidence that I would not need a month grappling with the fundamentals of the application. I think it is a wonderful software.

Isioma Ifesemen

Easy Woodworking Design Program

Use only the best woodworking design software tools to model everything from full kitchens and offices to entertainment centers, display cases, cabinets, beds, and drawers.

Check icon

Working with virtual 3D model boards replicates the methods, woodworking, and practices you use in the shop.

Check icon

Wow clients, friends, and family with the photorealistic 3D image before you even start building.

Check icon

Place important details on board edges. Contours, joinery, shaping, doors, drawers, and cabinets can be added with a few mouse clicks.

Check icon

Instant updates make collaboration with clients fast and easy and minimize tedious back-and-forth revisions. You can save and send any drawing or image in all the standard graphic file formats.

Check icon

3D boards make modeling feel like working in the shop.

Check icon

Integrated reporting ensures that project changes are reflected in all reports instantaneously.

Check icon

Drag and snap features help cut proposal time and ensure accurate placement of adjoining objects every time.

Check icon

Automated material costing helps you make accurate bids.

Check icon

Commonly used board joinery happens when you select the board and click to apply the joint. Add a few sizing points and you have it.

Check icon

Automated ordering reports tell you how much lumber (or sheet material) to buy before you start and eliminate "oh no!" cutting errors with CNC machines. Shopping lists are created showing the type, quantity, and cost of the materials needed.

Check icon

Cut virtually any shape onto a board surface. Add curves, cut angles, notches, and create circles or ovals in minutes.

Check icon

Layout optimization reduces scrap and trims material costs. A by-product of the optimizer is the DXF file for interfacing with computer-aided design for precise CNC cutting.

Check icon

Arrange boards in your design quickly and accurately, with the ability to make copies.

Check icon

Metric and imperial options allow you to work in either measurement system.

Check icon

Dynamic material database with precise measurements, textures, and opacity that are easily added to or modified. Use any material you can envision.

Check icon

Import any photo to incorporate diverse wood types, colors, and grains into your designs.

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Get access to templates and other tips and tricks for optimizing your workflow and improving quality and accuracy.

Why Choose SketchList 3D Over Other Woodworking Design Programs

View the table below to get more insight into the advanced features of our CAD software. We also compare SketchList 3D with other design software options on the market. Curious to read more about how we stack up with our competitors? Read more on how SketchUp was not designed for woodworking.

Features SketchList 3D SketchUp Fusion 360
Pricing (starting at) $100 (per year) $119 (per year) $495 (per year)
Designed specifically for woodworkers Check icon Cross icon Cross icon
Automated material costing Check icon Cross icon Check icon
Metric and imperial Check icon Check icon Check icon
Built-in joinery options Check icon Cross icon Cross icon
Drag & drop features Check icon Cross icon Check icon
3D Modelling Check icon Cross icon Check icon
Mimics the way woodworkers think Check icon Cross icon Cross icon
Weekly woodworking support & training workshops Check icon Cross icon Cross icon

When compared with Sketchup or Fusion 360, it’s clear that SketchList 3D is the only carpentry design software that truly is built to mimic the way a woodworker thinks. If you’re struggling when trying to create Sketchup cabinets, stop wasting time and win more bids, work smarter. Try out SketchList 3D with our woodworking design software free trial!

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