CAD for Woodworkers

There are CAD programs where you can spend hours drawing details such as contours or joinery. You can do that with a few clicks in Sketchlist. Not only you can create sketches, but our software also allows you to copy designs from project to project making new designs quick, easy, and accurate. Other features for woodworkers:
  • Working with virtual 3D boards replicates methods you use in the shop.
  • Counters, joinery, and board shape are achieved with a mouse click.
  • Instant visual feedback guides you a thorough design.

The Pros & Cons of Woodworking CAD/CAM

Wondering if woodworking CAD is a good fit for you? There are some pros and cons you need to consider if you’re planning to start up using a woodworking CAD program.
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces human error and labor costs.
  • Speeds up production with accurate reporting
  • Integration: design, shop drawings, 3D images, optimized layouts.
  • Requires a PC or Mac.

The Cabinet Design Software Professionals Trust

Whether you’re a custom woodwork shop owner wanting to increase sales, remodeling pro planning a job, or a hobbyist working with DIY woodworking projects, SketchList3D offers you an easy to learn, easy to use approach.
Interior Designers
General Contractors
Custom Woodworkers
Business Owners
Woodworking Hobbyists

Discover What the Right Woodworking CAD Software Can Do for Your Business

Pencil and paper just don't cut it anymore. Show clients your vision in a realistic 3D mockup and the project is as good as yours
With a few clicks, you can reproduce recurring design elements and generate cut lists, shop drawings, and material layouts.
Design unique and functional furniture faster and more affordably than you ever thought possible.
Make sure you're on the same page as your clients from the get-go, and that your design fits the customer’s needs.
Optimize your woodworking with a software package for professionals.

Simple CAD Software for Woodworking

Use SketchList3D to model everything from full kitchens and offices to entertainment centers, display cases, cabinets, beds, and drawers.
  • Contours, joinery, shaping, doors, drawers, and cabinets can be added with a few mouse clicks.
  • 3D boards make modeling feel like working in the shop.
  • Drag and snap features help cut proposal time and ensure accurate placement of adjoining objects every time.
  • Import any photo to incorporate diverse species, colors, and grains in your designs.
  • Photorealistic 3D designs wow clients, family, and friends before you even start building.
  • Instant updates make collaboration with clients fast and easy, and minimizes tedious back-and-forth revisions
  • Integrated reporting ensures that design changes are reflected in all reports instantaneously.
  • Automated material costing helps you make accurate bids.
  • Automated ordering reports tell you how much lumber (or sheet material) to buy before you start and eliminate "oh no!" cutting errors.
  • Layout optimization reduces scrap and trims material costs.
  • Metric and imperial options allow you to work in either measurement systems.
To take advantage of our timesaving reporting and export features, make sure to download SketchList3D Pro.
How to Design, Plan & Build Projects
Discover how SketchList3D works in action! In this video, Dave Rozewski explains the basics of building cabinets with our unique kitchen design software.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Kitchen Design Software?

See your model transform as you move components, insert joinery, and add contours and grains – just like it does in the shop. 3D design has never been easier!
Design and build your own furniture, customize DIY woodworking plans, master how to build kitchen cabinets, and so much more – all with one simple program.
Design every detail down to 1/64 inch or 1 mm, with equally detailed parts and cut lists. Automated snap placement butts boards together precisely.
Business Smart
Win more bids with less work. With its fast learning curve and client-friendly features, SketchList3D starts saving you time and money almost immediately.