What is the SketchList 3D Cabinet Wizard?

The Cabinet Wizard (now included in SketchList 3D) is developed for woodworking professionals who must quickly create furniture plans. This woodworking furniture design software allows you to create 3D models without any technical training. Unlike other furniture building software, with the Cabinet Wizard, you select a pre-built model and customize it by changing a few values.

This tool is rule-based and makes changes to the assembly as a unit so whenever you make changes to a certain part of the model, all other elements automatically adjust. If you need more customization for your woodworking design, you finish making changes directly within SketchList 3D!

Use The Cabinet Wizard in 3 Easy Steps!

The Cabinet Wizard is an add-on for SketchList 3D, so in order to start creating your furniture designs with it, you need to have purchased SketchList first.

To use the Cabinet Wizard, follow three easy steps:


Select the model

you want to create from a list of model images.


Adjust it as needed

for sizes, materials and construction methods.


Pass the model into SketchList 3D

for cut lists and shop drawing generation.

The Cabinet Wizard Allows You to Easily Build and Modify Furniture 3D Models

Be more flexible than ever with a variety of opportunities for modification. With the Cabinet Wizard, you can make several different adjustments to design. Some of these are:

  • The overall size of the assembly.
  • Material thickness.
  • Board thickness.
  • Rail and stile height and width.
  • Clearances and allowances.
  • Doors and drawers.

The Cabinet Wizard vs. SketchList 3D

Any adjustment to the model in the Cabinet Wizard automatically alters every element of the design affected. This allows multiple modifications with only a few keystrokes while assuring the integrity of the design. More detailed facets of design, if desired, happen in SketchList 3D. For example, applying a crown molding or a mitered corner. At times, you will use the model directly from the Cabinet Wizard and at times, you may choose to enhance the design in SketchList 3D.

Which way to go? The tradeoff is control of detail versus time. While the Cabinet Wizard’s rules are comprehensive, they cannot cover all the possible modifications that may be required. While SketchList 3D allows a great degree of detail, certain changes may take more time. The real solution is to use the Cabinet Wizard for one type of design, or maybe in the first stages of project design, and use SketchList 3D to modify the detail of that design.

New To Furniture Building Software? The Cabinet Wizard is Your Friend!

Whether you use it for a hobby or professionally, the Cabinet Wizard will create a whole new experience for you!
Ease of Use
The Cabinet Wizard offers radically shortened (some say eliminates) the learning time required to create woodworking plans. The system automatically adjusts an entire assembly based on changes in any aspect of the design.
Pre-built models exponentially reduce the time to develop plans. With the Cabinet Wizard, you can create proposals quickly and efficiently, minimizing turnaround time for critical sales.
As a parameter-driven software, the Cabinet Wizard allows you to simply type in any number of dimensions and customize the design in order to choose from any number of existing models in the Cabinet Wizard and modify them with the requirements of a given job.
Use Our Templates
When you buy it, you will receive model templates for several common classes of furniture and cabinets. We're giving you the opportunity to access a library with designs.

The Cabinet Wizard gives you four basic pre-built templates for your carcasses, doors, drawers, and frames.

  • Wall F 2 Doors
  • Wall F 1 Door
  • Counter Top
  • Base F
  • Base F 3 Drawers
  • Base F 2 Drawers 2 Doors
  • Base F 2 Doors
  • Base F 1 Drawer
  • Base F 1 Door
  • Base F 1 Door 1 Drawer

We constantly add models to our collection. If you need more templates, you can always buy them separately. And if you need a customized model for your own business, we will review your requirements and quote a price for those.

Curious to see what you can do with the SketchList 3D Cabinet Wizard?

Contact us if you want to learn more, have any additional questions or if you're interested in a free trial!