A better custom woodworking tool.
More Wins. Bigger Margins.

If your craft is cabinetry or some other form of custom woodworking, SketchList 3D woodworking software provides you a better, more efficient way to enhance your proposals and manage your projects. Some users consider it their primary business tool.

SketchList 3D enables users to start with better designs when building kitchens, baths, cabinets or entertainment centers. Using Sketchlist allows them to accurately deliver on their projects because the designs communicate with clearly detailed images, drawings and reports.

A survey with over 300 customers confirmed the
following impacts of using SketchList 3D woodworking
software in their businesses:

Our woodworking software helped them increase their winning percentage by nearly 28%.

Average time to design a project is reduced by at least 25%. Average time spent on rework and downtime reduced even more.

Our users cut the number of sales calls needed to close by more than half.

A recent poll of SketchList 3D users also found that 85% of
them would recommend it to their friends or family.

High-Impact Features Help You Sell
Your Woodwork By:

  • Getting control over both your time and your customer’s expectations.
  • Distinguishing your business as a premium provider through your enhanced designs.
  • Presenting the most professional image possible from the first contact on your website to the delivery of the completed job.
  • Improving customer interactions using your professionally detailed designs.

Beautiful 3D Woodworking Design Helps You
Close Deals

  • Quickly react to requests for changes in scope, scale, sizes, and colors.
  • Include backdrops and backgrounds of existing rooms in your designs for realism.
  • Share PDF exports from SketchList 3D which allows for truly interactive 3D presentations.
  • Include lighting and shadows to give your designs depth and perspective.