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While furniture design is one of the joys of woodworking, the old tools to do it certainly are not. The pencil and paper approach is too slow and does not allow for easy changes, while CAD furniture design software is a headache waiting to happen if you even have the time and energy to spend on its steep learning curve.

Enter SketchList 3D. Our professional furniture design software uses the terms and procedures of woodworking, making it easy to learn and allowing furniture designers to focus on their craft. The ability to focus in the shop leads to better output - bringing joy and satisfaction to furniture design.

You’ve Wasted Time, Energy, and Paper for Far Too Long

Professional furniture designers, interior designers and hobbyists know that the design process takes a lot of time and patience. Sheets and sheets of paper wasted, and pencils worn down to the nib from drawing, re-drawing, and correcting mistakes.

Sure, you could spend hours trying to learn CAD, navigating past its engineering-first workflow, but that isn’t the silver bullet that furniture designers really need, right?

Imagine a World Where You Could Design Professional Pieces With Half the Time and Effort

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Being able to create furniture pieces that are both beautiful and functional with less stress and frustration.

With less time spent on each piece, you could experiment more and learn new techniques quickly. You could also free up your time to take on higher-end projects or maybe put designs together for your own furniture.

Now, what if we told you that a furniture design software program exists to do all that?

Introducing the Silver Bullet to Furniture Design

Dive into the world of furniture modeling software with SketchList 3D. From cabinet design to creating an entire living room floor plan, you'll have all the necessary tools at hand in one user-friendly package!

Our easy-to-use program saves you time so all of your creativity can go into creating amazing designs.

Our 3D modeling software is perfect for woodworkers of all skill levels, from hobbyists to professionals. With its design features and modeling tools, SketchList 3D lets you take on any furniture project with confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, SketchList 3D is the silver bullet to all your furniture design needs.

So How Can You Go From Zero to Woodworking Hero?

SketchList 3D makes furniture design faster than a speeding bullet thanks to our versatile library of 3D models and templates that can be tweaked according to your needs or style preferences. No more wasting precious hours trying to figure out how your design tool works when using an intuitive woodworking interface that thinks like you do.

Plus, our video tutorials show you how SketchList works from start to finish.

Whether new to the world of furniture design, or you’ve been around since before “CAD” was ever even an option, here are the steps to take to bring your woodworking designs to the next level:





Sign Up for Free

Download and install SketchList 3D. You can receive the full furniture design software experience with our free software 14-day trial.

Review our Video Tutorials

We will provide you with a collection of step-by-step video guides that give you a comprehensive deep dive into each one of SketchList’s powerful features.

Start with a Basic Project

As you get started with your first practice project, we are just a call, email, or text away. We also have comprehensive supporting materials which will guide you along your way.

Attend the Weekly Workshops with the Experts

Fast-track the learning curve by joining our weekly workshops where we explain in detail how the tools work and answer any and all questions about our furniture design program.

Transform Your Design Process Now

We've helped thousands of professionals and hobbyists alike go from spending wasted hours at the drawing board to delivering custom designs in record time with our easy-to-use furniture design software. Whether you need help getting started or you’re a fully-fledged interior designer, look no further than our professional furniture design software.

See What Others Had to Say

Your application simply just rocks and makes it easy! I just finished my first design and I’m so thrilled with the results. I found myself losing track of time, due to having fun, designing a network rack furniture piece. Thank you for all your hard work in making such a great app!


Rich Hatfield

SketchList 3D is the most effective, almost unique software for rapid furniture planning with exceptional features.


Gabor Berki

SketchList is an extremely functional software program for furniture and cabinet construction. The learning curve is not too steep for average computer users, which was very important to me. Since I am not a professional cabinet maker, I tried the Hobby demo first. While I like the Hobby version (and the price), I really like the material layout and purchase list features available in the Pro version.



I’m inexperienced in CAD but I have been playing around with the Demo version of SketchList Pro for a couple of days now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I am a hobbyist furniture builder I am considering selling some of my pieces and designs in the future and the added features of the Pro Version. Thanks again for such a great product!


Trever Hinckley

I am a beginner at woodworking but a veteran PC user (software developer/tech) so being able to use software to build the furniture I want in an intuitive manner before trying to figure it out in the real world is a huge plus for me. I have been trying to figure out a desk design for my studio for over six months without much luck, with SketchList I got it down in about 8 hours.


Pat Kelley

I have been using SketchList 3D since its inception several years ago, so I have seen it develop from a good program to a great program for professional woodworkers. My main purpose for using it was to improve my shops production time, reduce errors and to give me a chance to “build it” before I even step into the shop. However, there’s another benefit, customers are always impressed when I bring my laptop out and show them what I created for them in a 3D picture!


Marty Rasmussen

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Our furniture design software is the best way to model your project before you start cutting it. With our easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to design wooden furniture like a pro in no time at all, ensuring that everything goes smoothly from beginning all the way until the end! Investing a little time with Sketchlist will save you masses of time and frustration in the future.

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Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

What is Furniture Design Software?

Furniture design software is used to render 2D and 3D furniture designs on a Windows or MAC computer. Virtual wooden boards are used when creating the designs. Then users can render photorealistic images to portray the design as a finished product. Advanced furniture design software should have a wide range of different materials, wood species, and textures to choose from, including pine, mahogany, oak, ash, beechwood, and much more.

The best furniture design CAD software applications will offer the option to export material requirements, measurements, 2D dimensional drawings, and 3D renderings to present to clients. This ensures you and your clients are on the same page before you spend time and money on production.

SketchList is a 3D Furniture Design Software That Enables You To:

Create compelling virtual mock-ups of furniture designs with just a few clicks

Make project changes that are reflected in the design instantly 

Design and save project templates for quick use

Save customer information to organize all open projects

Run and share reports with clients that streamline designs, cut lists, and purchase lists

Simple Furniture Drafting Software

Get creative with the design, style, and materials of your woodworking projects – SketchList’s 3D modeling will take care of calculations, layouts, renderings, materials and reports! Once you start using SketchList 3D, your projects of all styles and levels will be more precise and easier to produce.

Virtual 3D model boards simulate the real-life methods you use in the shop.

The photorealistic 3D rendering engine will impress your clients, friends, and family before you even begin building your product

Create seamless edges of the board with contours. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can add features like contours, joinery, custom shapes, doors, drawers, and cabinets.

Clients appreciate the convenience and speed of real-time updates, which cuts down on time-consuming back-and-forth changes.

Project modifications are automatically reflected in all reports as soon as they are made, thanks to integrated reporting.

Modeling becomes more like working in the shop with the help of 3D boards.

Drag and snap features help to save time while also ensuring that adjoining objects are placed perfectly every time.

Automated material pricing helps you save money and make accurate bids for projects.

Selected board joinery occurs when the joint is applied by clicking on the board. It's as simple as adding a few size points.

You can use any image as a starting point to include different types of wood material, default colors, custom shapes and grains into your designs.

On a virtual board, you can cut almost any form you want. There is no need to spend hours sculpting complex shapes.

Scrap and material costs can be reduced by layout optimization. For precise CNC cutting, the DXF file generated by the optimizer can be used to interface with computer-aided design software.

Quickly and accurately arrange and copy boards in your design

Work in either the metric and imperial system

A dynamic material database that can be readily expanded or adjusted to include accurate measurements, high-quality textures, and opacity.

Download SketchList 3D Pro to use our time-saving reporting and export features.

Custom Software for Furniture Design for Every Function & Style

Get creative with the design, style, and materials of your woodworking projects – SketchList’s 3D modeling will take care of calculations, layouts, renderings of the 3D models, materials, and reports! Once you start using SketchList 3D, your projects of all styles and levels will be more precise and easier to produce.

Desks & Office Furniture



Bunk & Loft Beds

Cabinets & Shelves

Chairs & Benches


Wardrobes & Closets

Fireplace Mantels

Coffee tables

And so much more!

Office panels

The beauty of custom furniture design is that if you can imagine it, you can build it. And 3D modeling is the best way to bring your ideas to life!

Take a Look at How SketchList 3D Stacks Up Compared to Other Custom Furniture Design Software


SketchList 3D


Fusion 360

Pricing (starting at)

$100 (per year)

$119 (per year)

$495 (per year)

Designed Specifically for Woodworkers

Automated material costing

Metric and Imperial

Built-in Joinery options

Drag & Drop Features

3D Modelling

Mimics the way woodworker’s think

Weekly Woodworking Support & Training Workshops

When comparing SketchList 3D to other software programs such as SketchUp, Solidworks, HomeByMe, or Virtual Architect, it becomes overtly clear that SketchList is the only furniture design software built to mimic the way woodworker’s think. Curious to learn more? Read more on how SketchUp was not designed for Woodworking.

5,000 Woodworkers Can't be Wrong

You've been looking for a cutting-edge advantage to create better furniture designs, and now you have found it! Join the SketchList community of over 5,000 woodworkers who have used our custom furniture design software to streamline their workflow.