SketchList 3D Version 5 is the Best Furniture Design Software for Woodworkers of All Levels!

Whether you want to build a basic console for your living room, a luxury bed frame for a client, or a one-of-a-kind closet for your kids, SketchList 3D is the tool your toolbox needs! Try it for free for two weeks. 

SketchList is 3D Cabinet Software That Enables You to:

Create compelling mockups of furniture designs with just a few clicks

Make project changes that are reflected in the design instantly 

Design and save project templates for quick use

Save customer information to organize all open projects

Run and share reports with clients that streamline designs, cut lists, and purchase lists 

SketchList is 3D Cabinet Software That Enables You to:

Create intricate kitchen designs with just a few clicks! Take a look at how SketchList 3D’s advanced productivity tools allow you to instantly set joinery, contours, holes, angles, and board shapes precisely where you want them.

Select and drag a 3D board, door, contour, joinery, or hardware onto your project

Adjust the dimensions

Place the object in the correct position with SketchList 3D’s easy-to-use tools

Designing in SketchList 3D is as intuitive as working with your hands in your workshop.

SketchList 3D V5 is our most user-friendly version yet! Our advanced software allows you to:





Custom Furniture Design for Every Function & Style

Get creative with the design, style, and materials of your woodworking projects - SketchList 3D will take care of calculations, layouts, renderings, and reports! Once you start using SketchList 3D, your projects of all styles and levels will be more precise and easy to produce.

SketchList 3D helps you design:

Desks & Office Furniture



Bunk & Loft Beds

Cabinets & Shelves

Chairs & Benches


And so much more!

Wardrobes & Closets

Fireplace Mantels


The beauty of custom furniture design is that if you can imagine it, you can build it. And 3D modeling is the best way to bring your ideas to life!

A Distinct Approach to Furniture Design

The design process, through which a concept evolves into a firm plan depicted through visuals and reports, is arguably the most important step of any project. If your design lacks a definitive concept, aesthetic, and function, issues will arise as you begin to layout your design. The most effective woodworkers are open to improving their initial design and continually defining and refining their concept.

There are 3 general approaches to furniture design, each with advantages and disadvantages:

Complex Furniture Design Programs




Quality depends on your skill as an artist


Changes are time-consuming to implement


Hiring a professional artist is costly

Hand-Drawn Designs



High level of detail

Difficult to learn


Ability to make changes


Optimal for specialized designs involving carving and spiral formations

Simplified Furniture Design Programs



Not optimal for specialized designs involving carving and spiral formations

Easy to learn

Fast and effective


Based on lifelike 3D building blocks

Instantaneous changes and variations

Automated part lists, cut lists, and reports

Choosing the Best Furniture Design Software for Your Needs

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which furniture design software to choose. To pinpoint which software is best for you, first consider your goals and needs when it comes to: 


It’s normal for furniture design software to have a learning curve, but the more complex ones can have a very steep curve. In fact, many packages take months to learn how to use. Pro tip: Research user reviews for candid insight into how long it typically takes to master the software. 


Assess what features you require to meet your project goals. Do you need 3D renderings to land clients? Are reports key to streamlining your business? Are you looking to create complete designs with a few clicks? Evaluate your answers to these questions to guide you to the right software package.


Buying furniture design software is an investment; make sure you’ll have the resources to take full advantage of it. Research if there are sufficient documentation and video training aids to help you get jumpstarted with the software. Is free training available from the vendor? Are developers responsive to new feature requests from users? The answers to these questions separate the good software from the great. 

Wooden Furniture Design with SketchList 3D

SketchList 3D users craft furniture of all technical levels, shapes, sizes, and styles. Our software is especially useful in creating custom designs for clients. With just a few clicks, you can test out different wood species or add components in stone, metal, glass, or leather. You can even add your own images into the design, or place the design inside a photo of its intended location. When you’re satisfied with your creation, generate photorealistic images to share with family, friends, or clients for quick feedback!

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