Cabinet Design Software for Smart Woodworking Professionals

Your custom woodworking business needs a tool that can help accurately pitch your ideas to potential customers, provide realistic building plans and allow you to make adjustments in real time.

SketchList3D is a cabinet building software that allows you to draw plans, reproduce recurring design elements, generate cut lists, shop drawings, and material layouts – all in a single place. 

What is Cabinet Design Software?

Cabinet design software is a computer tool (app) that builds virtual plans of cabinetry while also automatically calculating the dimensions and materials, as well as generating the cut lists. Reports created by this tool help you assess possible issues at any stage of the process and make any necessary adjustments.

SketchList is a 3D Cabinet Software That Helps You

Win Bids

Build trust and confidence early on in the process with beautiful, professional-looking designs that reassure prospective customers about the fact that you can do the job.

Avoid Mistakes

Building jobs ‘virtually’ enables woodworking professionals to easily spot mistakes. As a result, they make adjustments before they get to the lumberyard, shop, or worst case, job site.

Create Marketing Assets

High quality ‘before/after’ images for social media to communicate with business partners, friends, and family. Your designs become powerful marketing assets which help in future sales proposals.

Save Time & Money

Cut proposal generation in half the time with perfect accuracy. The layout optimizer reduces scrap and you can quickly update design changes and adjustments for client approval.

Professional Cabinet Making Software

Take care of the details with a highly specialized cabinet blueprint maker.

Joinery added to boards with a few clicks of the mouse button – Any board whose cut size is affected by joinery will show that change on the cut list.

Roman, cove and bull nose contours among others are added by selecting board edge(s) and clicking on a button for a contour type.

Unlimited species, colors, and grains of materials because you can import any image you need for your design.

Design in metric or imperial measuring systems.

Dimensions down to 1/64 inch or 1 mm.

Perfectly align multiple objects in just a few mouse clicks.

Drag and snap features assure objects butt together as required.

Copy and paste location functions guaranteed correct placement of adjoining objects.

Clone and space feature – calculates exact board placement.

Ready to take your cabinet-making skills to the next level? 

Cabinet Building Software Is What Your Business Needs

Making manual designs for cabinetry is quickly coming to an end. Now the market demands a more technological, efficient and time-saving approach.
The best cabinet design computer software has to be a tool that caters to the various needs of woodworking professionals. It must be full of useful features while still maintaining ease of use. It also has to be intuitive and offer online resources and training options to help you learn how to use its features.

What Makes SketchList 3D
The Best Cabinet Drawing Software?

The Support

SketchList 3D has it all! We know how important it is to learn the ins and outs of the new software that will now become the core of your business. We want to see you succeed!
That’s why, aside from having all the tools you need to carry out projects and having online resources, we include 6 months free support for new users.

The Secret Formula of a Cabinet Maker

Figuring out the exact amount of materials, dimensions and perfect fit will make your customers happier. Workshop cabinet design requires a higher level of attention to detail, after all, the secret formula of a cabinet maker is one simple thing:
full attention to detail in the use of wood.
As a cabinet drawing software, SketchList gives you the level of detail you need from the moment you start designing your cabinets in a precise and accurate manner.

Created by a woodworker - for all your woodworking needs

Woodworking professionals can have access to fully integrated design and reporting so that any change to a design instantly reflects in all reports.

Some of the reports you’ll have access to:

Any change in design size automatically reflects on the drawings

Parts or Cut list

Complete list of all parts in the project with sizes and descriptions

Optimized layout diagram

Lays out sheet and board lumber to reduce scrap

Purchase Report

Complete list of all parts in the project with sizes and descriptions

Create Your Own Designs With Our Cabinet Software

You can begin creating your own kitchen cabinet design drawing in a matter of days – not weeks or months. We will work with you to get your started on your first design. We will meet you online and take you through a step by step introduction to SketchList3D using your next client’s job! People tell us that approach keeps them from trial and error learning, watching many videos, and going through posts and manuals.

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