Intuitive Cabinet Design Software for Savvy Cabinetmakers

SketchList 3D is a cabinet building software that allows you to draw plans, reproduce recurring design elements, generate cut lists, shop drawings, and material layouts – all in one, streamlined location.

Our practical 3D cabinet software can help your woodworking business accurately sell your designs to potential customers and provide realistic building plans.  

What is Cabinet Design Software?

Cabinet design software is a computer application that helps you create project plans while automatically generating materials requirements, parts layouts, and cut lists. It simulates the same processes you perform when cutting and assembling pieces in your workshop. This tool helps you assess possible issues at any stage of your work and allows you to make any necessary fixes. All modifications are automatically adjusted throughout all reports.

SketchList is 3D Cabinet Software That Enables You to:


Build trust and confidence early on in a project by presenting professional designs that appeal to and reassure prospective customers that you are the right person for the job.


Gain inspiration from our library of materials, objects, templates, and projects. You can also custom build your own hardware, materials, boards, shelf units, entertainment centers, and more to save you time.


Designing a project virtually allows you to easily spot and avoid mistakes. Make design adjustments for your cabinets before buying materials and, more importantly, before making a single cut.


Produce high-quality before and after images for your website and social media with just a few clicks. These accurate reports and renderings serve as powerful marketing assets for use in any media.


Reports are automatically generated and modified as you develop your project. They provide complete parts and cut lists, shop drawings, and material layout diagrams for your cabinets. 


Cut proposal generation by more than half while still maintaining the same level of accuracy. Use the SketchList 3D optimized layout report to reduce scraps and control job costs. Apply the productivity tools to quickly make design changes, adjustments, and maintain a cost-effective design process.

Compelling Cabinet Design Features You’ll Find in SketchList 3D:  

One-click contours, holes, joints, and lines

Easy-to-use app navigation

One-click sizing, cloning, spacing, and mirroring

Customizable and intuitive interface

Cabinet Wizard design tool to create and modify basic building blocks

Drag and snap objects

Cutting export files (DXF) for CNC machines

Realistic project renderings

Templates library

Automated cut list report

A Look at Intuitive Cabinet Design with SketchList 3D V5

Professional Custom Cabinet-Making Software Program

Let SketchList 3D take care of all of the meticulous project details! Our highly specialized cabinet shop drawing tool allows you to create detailed designs quickly and intuitively.

Specify dimensions down to 1/64 inch or 1 mm

Add joinery to boards with a few clicks

Add roman, cove, and bull nose contours (among others) by simply selecting the board edge and contour type

Perfectly align multiple objects and cabinet parts in just a few mouse clicks

Assure objects precisely butt together with drag and snap features

Access unlimited species, colors, and grains of wood

Guarantee correct placement of adjoining objects with the copy and paste location functions

Import any image you need for your cabinet and kitchen design

Calculate exact board placement with the clone and space feature

Design in metric or imperial measuring systems

Cabinet Building Software Is What Your Business Needs

Making manual designs with paper and pencil for cabinetry is quickly coming to an end. Instead your business requires a more technological, efficient, and time-saving approach. A survey by a leading woodworking magazine found it is becoming more and more difficult to sell a job with proposals containing hand drawing images.

Another even more important benefit is the streamlined process in which cabinet design software saves time and work when making adjustments to original plans. It is extremely rare when a prospect accepts your first proposed layout. Modifications are a part of your business, and with cabinet software, they need  minutes, not hours.

And finally, you need solid reports you can depend on for purchasing, cutting, detailing, and assembling the job. The correct cabinet design software provides these without additional time or effort.

What Makes SketchList 3D Version 5 The Best Cabinet Software?



SketchList 3D has it all! We know how important it is to learn the ins and outs of the new software that will soon become the core of your business. So we have a variety of free support services to help you succeed:

We know that workshop cabinet design requires a higher level of attention to detail. That’s why our user-friendly software allows you to:

Free Version - 2 Week Trial

Create precise, detailed designs with a few clicks

Free Tutorial Videos

Easily change the size, material, and location of an object

Quickly add holes, joinery, contours, and more

Run reports to avoid mistakes and to share with customers

6 months free support for new users

SketchList 3D enables you to better satisfy your customers.

Created by Cabinet Makers – for all your cabinet-making needs.

Access fully-integrated designs and reports to make changes that instantly reflect in all reports and renderings.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular SketchList 3D reports:





The shop drawing tool allows you to create a set of dimensioned drawings by simply selecting a line or two points, instantly adding the dimension line and values. Because shop drawings are integrated into the design process, cabinet-makers can instantly view any change in the design process in the drawings without further work.

The purchase list accumulates all the parts of a project by material type, species, and size to generate a list of quantities of materials needed for the job. The only input required to estimate job costs is the current cost of the materials available.

Produces a complete list of all parts in the project with sizes and descriptions.

The optimized layout diagrams illustrate how to layout out all the sheet and board lumber to minimize scrap. Like the shop drawings, the layout diagrams are automated and fully integrated within the design process.

Create Custom Designs With Our Advanced Cabinet Software

Get in Touch with the SketchList Support Team

Start creating your first detailed kitchen cabinet design within a matter of hours – not weeks or months, like with other design software.

We are here to help you get started with your first design! We can walk you through a step-by-step introduction to our practical cabinet design software using the specifications of your client’s next job!

Our users state that our support services allow them to avoid much trial and error when getting used to the new software. Join our community of woodworkers by downloading SketchList 3D now!