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by Shawn Jensen on SketchList 3D

Plain AWESOME software!

I've had Sketchlist for a few weeks now and already sold four jobs with it. I just figured out how to put all 4 wardrobes into one project and run the optimizer to see what materials to order! Thanks, you just saved me some time! Thanks again for all the hard work you put into your product to make it amazing, you thought of everything. I can't wait to discover all the tricks and tips in the future.

by Todd on SketchList 3D

I have to say, I'm impressed with your product - so much so I did purchase after the trial. I'm truly a "basement shop" hobbyist! I've dabbled in woodworking in school and on and off again.

After an office remodel, I decided to make a desk to my liking instead of wasting time and effort shopping for one.

Love the software, keep up the great work. 🙂

by John Canning on SketchList 3D

I am a brand-new customer and, after 30 minutes, have fallen in love with SketchList Hobby. Your program is exactly what I needed - and it is so easy to use. In my first 30 minutes of use, I learned all about SketchList Hobby as I entered my current project. It’s just a simple crate, but it has to be exactly right in order to protect the contents that will be stored within. As I learned more about the program, and took advantage of the different views and tools, I found more than one math error I made when I was working with pencil and paper. I am in love with the program and am now searching for an excuse to upgrade to the Pro version.

by Stacey Williams on SketchList 3D

I’m so impressed with all of the time savings and professional outcomes that SketchList provides. I am prepared to purchase the Pro Version

by Lou Farkas on SketchList 3D

I got new orders thanks to my craftsmanship and SketchList 3D! They told me they couldn't believe how fast I produced concept drawings of their new kitchen.

by Daniel Kurzweil on SketchList 3D

SketchList support is very prompt and high rank. I'm ready to go ahead with the full version

by Joe on SketchList 3D

Thanks a million for your work on the program. It's the first I've been able to pick up and use rather quickly. I'm looking forward to spending some time on SketchList’s website watching videos and tutorials.

by Kevin Ware on SketchList 3D

I'm just a beginner hobbyist without drafting skills to be able to put my idea into a sketch. I searched and found SketchList and gave it a try. The tutorial videos helped me a lot to get started, this software seems like a powerful package!”

by David Disko on SketchList 3D

So far so good and I have been able to create a drawing for an entertainment center with two doors, a center drawer, and shelves in about four hours. Very easy to use with a low learning curve.

by Ryan Creekmore on SketchList 3D

It's a pretty nice tool! I do like the software from a standpoint that design is much easier from scratch versus modifying an existing cabinet library like most of the other software I've tried. Very short learning curve and user friendly.

by Jonathan Koon on SketchList 3D

SketchList UI is very easy to understand. I am very new to woodworking and just playing some around the house and this tool is going to make it so much more enjoyable.

by Markash on SketchList 3D

Just completed my first major build using SketchList. Overall, I am thrilled.

by Lee Peterson on SketchList 3D

SketchList is a great product. I am sure there are a lot of folks out there who use and appreciate this product.

by Lee W. Peterson on SketchList 3D

Although I only do woodworking as a hobby, I absolutely love SketchList 3D Pro. You are doing a great job with it.

by Rick Clifford on SketchList 3D

I am very happy that I found SketchList. After trying some CAD programs and Sketch-Up I found they weren't optimized for woodworking. This software does the job and makes it easy. The videos were helpful and got me going in a very short time.

by Pat Kelley on SketchList 3D

I am a beginner at woodworking but a veteran PC user (software developer/tech) so being able to use software to build the furniture I want in an intuitive manner before trying to figure it out in the real world is a huge plus for me. I have been trying to figure out a desk design for my studio for over six months without much luck, with SketchList I got it down in about 8 hours.

by Dave Golz on SketchList 3D

SketchList is without a doubt the easiest to use design software I have ever encountered. It only took an hour or so before I semi-mastered the basics. Thanks for a great app.

by Robert Hsu on SketchList 3D

I’m excited to finally get going with the full version of SketchList. The trial version was very helpful in one of my larger jobs, and the finished product was spot-on for the on-site installation. The client LOVED the piece and we’re in the conversation for another large job.

by Scott Becker on SketchList 3D

SketchList stands behind their product like very few companies do! They offer an incredible service and I can not let stop saying how much I like this product.

by Stephane on SketchList 3D

SketchList is awesome. I almost watched every video you did and read the PDF, it helped me a lot. Thanks for making a Mac OS compatibility. If not, I would have continued working with Sketchup and it’s not intuitive for carpenter's projects.

by Christopher Burkett on SketchList 3D

SketchList customer service is by far the best that I've found for any company I've dealt with. Thank You.

by Gabor Berki on SketchList 3D

SketchList 3D is the most effective, almost unique software for rapid furniture planning with exceptional features.

by Dillon Culbertson on SketchList 3D

SketchList support is very personal and prompt – this is hard to come by these days. With all the help I have become very familiar with the software and have already gained a client through the different features offered.

by Michael Douglass on SketchList 3D

I have wished for something like SketchList all my woodworking life! It is the most incredible product and I absolutely love it!  I'm going to be making projects I never would have attempted because of all the drawing and paper designing that I would have had to go through. Not to mention all the errors that would be likely.

by Bob Loeffen on SketchList 3D

First off, let me say that so far, I have enjoyed working with the program. It was fairly easy to learn even just by playing around! Now, I am debating between the Hobby or Pro Version.

by Ted Tomaszewski on SketchList 3D

I have been doing 3D CAD design in tool and die for the last 18 years.  Of all the softwares I looked at, I did find SketchList easy to figure out, had the functionality I needed and could most likely afford.

by Roger Qualheim on SketchList 3D

I cannot imagine the amount of hard work that must go into a product like SketchList. I like being able to view 3D images of my projects as I develop and refine them. The parts list and cut sheets are invaluable to me in the shop. The amount of build time has decreased while the accuracy has increased. I use the parts list to ensure I cut all of the same dimensions at the same time with the same setup. This has also improved my productivity and reduced material waste. Thanks for a great product!

by Don Gummow on SketchList 3D

I tried the V3 trial version and I'm nothing less than amazed! In just a few hours I had the design for our cabinet replacements entered in – I've evaluated a couple of CAD programs and found them to be far too much effort to do woodworking design and all had steep learning curves. SketchList is going to fundamentally change the way I approach the design process.

by Tom McLaughlin on SketchList 3D

Starting to get the hang of SketchList and I just got the go-ahead on a couple of orders where I used your software for renderings. They said they “loved” the look. Thank you!

by Trever Hinckley on SketchList 3D

I’m inexperienced in CAD but I have been playing around with the Demo version of SketchList Pro for a couple of days now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I am a hobbyist furniture builder I am considering selling some of my pieces and designs in the future and the added features of the Pro Version. Thanks again for such a great product!

by Lionel on SketchList 3D

I don't know how anyone can compete with SketchList! I would like to tell everybody how serious they are with their service customers. Thank you again!

by CM Shearer on SketchList 3D

I must tell how much I’m enjoying learning and using SketchList – I’ve already designed my first project – I have been using the skills I learned in the past to design and draw all of my woodworking projects.  Although enjoyable, it is, needless to say, quite time consuming. Your videos are very helpful!

by David L. Lowe on SketchList 3D

SketchList is a great program. I’m designing a back-yard deck for myself. Ideas are virtually limitless, and the program performs very well in any idea I have tested on it.

by Brok Sorensen on SketchList 3D

SketchList has got to be the BEST program available for woodworkers! The more I use this software, the more potential I see with it. I have purchased the Hobby Version and the Optimized Layout Upgrade and have decided, after having used it to design a few simple projects, that I would like to move to the pro version.

by Rich Nahra on SketchList 3D

REALLY GREAT PRODUCT! I love SketchList 3D. I've never really "built" anything from scratch before but with this tool, I was able to! My core design was done in just over 6 hours (including learning the tool). Everything makes really good sense and it’s easy to use.

by Greg on SketchList 3D

SketchList is an extremely functional software program for furniture and cabinet construction. The learning curve is not too steep for average computer users, which was very important to me. Since I am not a professional cabinet maker, I tried the Hobby demo first. While I like the Hobby version (and the price), I really like the material layout and purchase list features available in the Pro version.

by Billy Broeckelmann on SketchList 3D

SketchList is a great application. The main reason I was looking for something easier than Google Sketch 3D was the bar for the dining room. Thanks for making a very unique application for designing "stuff".

by Ron Seher on SketchList 3D

I'm not a professional woodworker... just a home hobbyist! Have always hand drawn my designs because it's faster than trying to learn a CAD program.  But the simplicity of SketchList is exciting. I can see myself making a simple construct to work out any problems very quickly.

by Don Fisch Jr on SketchList 3D

SketchList is a very powerful tool and I look forward to using the pro version in the near future.

by Christopher M Hance on SketchList 3D

I have a trial I used late last year to design some garage shelving. It worked really well, since I needed to leave space for a freezer and rolling workbench. I also had to compensate for a badly sloped floor, and adjust shelf spacing to fit my saws, compressor, etc. I could've done it on paper, but SketchList made adjustments a lot easier, and saved me the usual calculation error or two.

by Marty Rasmussen on SketchList 3D

I have been using SketchList 3D since its inception several years ago, so I have seen it develop from a good program to a great program for professional woodworkers. My main purpose for using it was to improve my shops production time, reduce errors and to give me a chance to “build it” before I even step into the shop. However, there’s another benefit, customers are always impressed when I bring my laptop out and show them what I created for them in a 3D picture!

by Lionel Cocude on SketchList 3D

I'm really pleased to say I purchased SketchList software, and very excited to get the key to carrying on to do good use with it. Many thanks again for your constant support.

by Rich Hatfield on SketchList 3D

Your application simply just rocks and makes it easy! I just finished my first design and I’m so thrilled with the results. I found myself losing track of time, due to having fun, designing a network rack furniture piece. Thank you for all your hard work in making such a great app!

by Thomas Young on SketchList 3D

SketchList customer service never fails to amaze me.

by Louay on SketchList 3D

It's a perfect and powerful software for a hobbyist! I downloaded the trial version of SketchList yesterday and I've already been able to design a simple cabinet after viewing the video tutorials. This software is not complicated for those who are starting to design cabinets.

by Andre Cameron on SketchList 3D

I have been testing out SketchList, and although the software took a bit of getting used to, it is definitely a pretty good product.

by Isioma Ifesemen on SketchList 3D

This software has been very impressive so far, especially the reports and PDF file. The training videos were very helpful as it gave me the confidence that I would not need a month grappling with the fundamentals of the application. I think it is a wonderful software.

by Martin Romero on SketchList 3D

SketchList is the best and most time saving CAD program out there for custom woodworkers!

by Steve Medellin on SketchList 3D

I love SketchList! It is a fantastic piece of software. It was a major pain to try to create projects on some of the other CAD programs I have tried. I am pretty much a weekend warrior and this software has made my projects go a lot more smoothly.

by Tom Gordon on SketchList 3D

Thank you for offering SketchList online lessons. I have had the Pro Version for several months and I am pleased with how it works. I have been able to give my customers views of their projects before I build them (much better than hand drawing them).

by Bob Davidson on SketchList 3D

I think SketchList is terrific! I originally downloaded the software to try it for my daughter's project. I am a hobbyist. The software worked so well that I definitely saw a benefit to purchasing a license. I anticipate using it with all of my future projects.

by Phil Elmore on SketchList 3D

Thank you so very much for solving my issues in such a timely manner; SketchList ranks the highest in client support and I am very pleased to see that it all seems to be going well with the company.

by Ross David on SketchList 3D

I'm pretty much sold on [SketchList]. Far easier than Google SketchUp.