Cabinet Design Software – Making You a Better Woodworker

Woodworkers craft wood and other materials in an way that satisfies not only from the enjoying resulting product, but enjoying the entire process. Using a full function cabinet design software package like SketchList 3D adds value to your woodworking experience.

Professionals take it a step further and make their living with wood….

Professionals not only love woodworking, but choose to make it their livelihood …

"I own a custom cabinet business and employ 3 full time workers and some part time help. We are not a production shop and therefore every job is “special” even though many parts are not necessarily “custom”. Much of my time is spent designing and drawing after normal working hours. I have “looked” at other software to help lighten by design time, but most of these are either too simple (can’t give me what I need) or to complicated and require a significant learning curve (which I feel I can’t afford time wise)."

“Sorry it took me so long to purchase your software, but boy when I did, did business boom! I’ve been using your software now quite extensively. I have designed and quoted on 4 jobs since I received it and have successfully won 3 of those jobs. The fourth was actually put on hold because of the customer’s situation. There are still things that I have not used, such as creating hardware and edge contouring, but that is only because I am spending a lot of time in the shop finishing the projects!”

“I was looking all over for a program that would allow me to build things like small building projects. I needed something that wasn’t overly complicated. As a user of other top end 3D applications I was looking for something quicker, not nearly as complicated and I wanted something that gave me a parts list, shop drawings and more without having to work at it. I came across SketchList on a site. It is extremely easy to learn, less than a day for me, and easy to use. Hugely useful for showing clients architecture from the top down. Tech support is superb. I would recommend SketchList to anyone wanting to draw cabinet plans and those who want to create other small building projects as well.”

"I'd love to share my project with you. I've attached a front and side 3D image of the first of many mantels I will design using Sketchlist. My husband, using the cut lists generated by Sketchlist, to fabricate the mantel this past weekend. Out of the 52 pieces that made-up this mantel, we had to adjust only two pieces. Neither had anything to do with Sketchlist, one was my error and the other was an artistic change. I've created 2 others as well as a corbel design this week. In fact, I'm just sending a pdf of a mantel to a customer for their final approval. I have lots to learn yet. But I have so many project ideas in my head that I'm sure that I will be on my way to mastering Sketchlist in no time."

Amateur doesn’t mean less qualified – it means you love what you are doing.

Working in the shop gets under your skin. You smell the wood in the air. You experience the tactile nature of your materials. You appreciate the color and patterns of the wood grains - even the 'imperfections'. You absolutely love it. And when you are in the shop you feel like outside world problems can't get by the shop door. Ever leave your shop and find yourself surprised at the time? Yep you love it!

And while woodworkers joke about buying that 'newest toy for the shop' - it's not about collecting toys - well maybe a little. It's mostly about developing a set of tools that serve to enhance your final output. You work toward perfection - or at least high standards. And carefully chosen tools help that happen. These days 3D woodworking design software is part of the complete tool set for your shop.

"I am very happy that I found your software. After trying some CAD programs and Sketch-Up I found they weren't optimized for woodworking. Your software does the job and makes it easy. The videos were helpful and got me going in a very short time.
Next is to get better with the "joinery" design and then learn how to add "hardware" to my drawings. My first try was at an entertainment/wall unit and the final rendered view was great to show my wife what the cabinet will look like."

" I have no CAD experience but I am improving my skills with SketchList 3D daily. This is really nice software. I really appreciate the 'visual-ness' of SketchList. The 3D perspective is so incredibly helpful. Especially since I can barely draw a straight line even with a ruler. Just been enjoying using the software. I am currently quoting for some alcove shelving with a cabinet. I have attached what I have done so far, which I'm pleased with...."