Purchase the version of SketchList 3D woodworking design software that meets your needs.

Users say…

  • “I have been looking for software for my shop for a long time.  You have obviously put significant effort into this product and it looks exactly like what I was hoping to find.  I especially like the ability to generate a cut list.”
  • “SketchList is very intuitive. I tried several CAD programs in the past but couldn’t stick with them long enough to learn them. Also, SketchList are  top notch. You have a question? Send it and you get an answer fast!”
  • “I’d say it is a woodworker’s dream.  What you do in SketchList is what you do on site, in the shop and in your head when you’re thinking about working on site and in the shop. OK so it’s not exactly the same, but it is the only software I know of that is so directly relevant.”

There is a version of SketchList 3D woodworking design software to meet your budget.   A comparison of the versions is below.

Yes SketchList 3D runs with macOS Sierra.

There is a special on the Pro edition.

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    1. Home – The Home version is a scaled back package that allows the occasional woodworker to design his or her projects by creating a 3D model.
    2. Shop – The Shop  version expands the design functions compared to the Home version. This package is usually selected by the serious home woodworker.
    3. Professional – The Professional version is an advanced woodworking design software package.  This is the version business owners need.
Feature for Level
Price Purchase one key per computer. US$99.99 US$199.99 US$750.00

$250 discount – check the shopping cart.

Surface Textures The appearance of a material – wood color and grain texture, solid surfaces in color One Wood Grain Multiple Colors Five Wood Grains, Multiple Colors Unlimited Wood Grains and / or Solid Colors
Viewing Image Areas The maximum number of simultaneous views open at one time, like front, top, right. 2 2 7
Assemblies per project Assemblies divide projects into workable parts – like cabinets in a kitchen. 2 10 Unlimited
Standard Objects A library of user created, re-usable objects. Ten Ten Unlimited
Edge Banding Applying banding material to board edges. No No Yes
Shop Drawings Dimensions drawings – Home uses screen capture to print. Screen Display and Capture Save and Print Save and Print
Image Output Graphic images of the designs. 3D Screen Resolution Format 3D Screen Resolution Format Photo quality 3D render
Contour Types: Shaping of board edges – for example bull nose. 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Joinery Types Typical woodworking joints – for example tenon. 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Optimized Material Layout Diagrams Determines and prints layout of parts that minimizes material waste. Yes
DXF file export Outputs your optimized designs to a dxf file format for use by other software Yes
Automatic Costing of Materials Calculates cost based on optimized layout and prices you input per material type. Yes
Automatic Purchase List List of materials needs for a job – including prices and vendor Yes
Export CSV Files Exporting of reports to spreadsheet readable formats. Yes
Import New Textures, Images or Photos Ability to import any image or photo and use it in a design. Yes
Rotating 3D PDF File A file that when viewed with Adobe reader that can be turned 360 degrees in any direction. Rotating 3D PDF File
Price Purchase one key per computer. US$99.99 US$199.99 US$750.00

$250 discount – check the shopping cart.