Cabinet Design Software – Locating Objects in 3D

Drag and drop added into SketchList 3D

 It has been a very long time and it arrived in the steps – but it’s here.  The newest build of SketchList 3D cabinet design software allows you to click on an object and drag it around your design.  To be honest as an old SketchList 3D designer I find it more precise and quicker just type in the location of where I want to put an object. I think that it’s very hard to drag an object and put it precisely at a location for example 16 5/8.

However that’s just me.   People of been asking for some sort of drag function for a while now and as we usually do we listened and implemented that which people want. We started with putting slider bars in the object forms right under those three little boxes.

You can take an object and slide bar to the left or the right and the object would move to the left and right.  Same thing up and down front and back. It works really well and quickly.

I expect that was the thing that finally convinced me to implement drag and drop in the “classic” sense of pulling a box around in your design image area.  This is useful in this type of cabinet design software no doubt.

But we’ve done more than that. You’ll see in the video that the new version contains a series of buttons across the top of the main form. They labeled blue dots, red dots, and coordinate system. If you click the blue dot button a dot will appear on each corner of the object selected.

If you right-click on one of those blue dots a small form opens and you can change the value of left front or bottom for that point. When you do that and click okay you’ll see the object moves to that location.

The other thing you can do with the blue dot after right clicking it is click the copy button. Then go to another object and right click the blue dot there. Click the paste button and click okay and you’ll see that the two objects join at that location.

And finally if you hold down the shift key in your keyboard hold your left mouse button while the cursor is over the blue dot you can drag that object wherever you like. This function is just ending the test phase. There is a YouTube video that shows how it works.  Within several days we will update the version of SketchList 3D that’s on the server. After that the next time you start your copy of SketchList 3D you can if you choose update to the new functionality.

There are a few other changes in that version – one very significant.  So pay attention to your blog posting to keep up-to-date.

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