Cabinet Design Software – SketchList 3D – Locating Objects

Cabinet Design Software - Locating ObjectsNew Learning Opportunity

We are testing the new SketchList 3D cabinet design software webinar for training new (and experienced) users.  The first thing that you need to learn is how to locate various objects in three dimensional space.  Don’t worry no XYZs here – just bottom, left, and front.

SketchList 3D developed the approach we call triplets to locate and size three dimensional objects.  Those objects might we assemblies, doors, drawers, hardware, or boards.  The concept is that three dimensional objects have – well – three dimensions or directions.  And these three dimensions give way to nine pieces of information about the location and size of the object.  Size of these — front, back, left, right, and bottom top — defined the edges of the object.  And for SketchList 3D those edges are spaced from the front, left, and bottom edges of the project or assembly that contains the object.

On top of that the size of the object is determined by the location of it’s edges (or surfaces).  A board with a left of 4 and a right of 14 is 10 wide.  Can’t be anything else.  Just ten.  Top and bottom determine the height.  Front and back determine the depth.

The thing is you want an easy way to deal with the inter-relationships of these nine values.  And SketchList 3D gives this to you two ways.  One is with its spreadsheet.  The second is with the object form.  The spreadsheet helps put your object in context with other objects in the project.  The form lets you focus on one object at a time.  And every time you move or re-size something that action is instantly displayed on the image area of the designer.

I put together a video showing you how this works.  It may be too basic for some users but I think those new to the SketchList 3D way of thinking will appreciate it.




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