Dado on Board Surface in Furniture Design Software

Furniture Design Software dado on surface

Question on adding a dado on a surface with furniture design app.

A SketchList 3D user emailed in this morning.

“So far I have added two vertical panels for a cabinet and put rabbet’s on the inside tops and placed a top shelf between.  I want to create a groove (dado) on the inside of the panels to slip in a bottom shelf into the grooves 3/4″ from the bottom. ”

This is a very strong joint for bookshelves and such.  However – make sure the span between the ends is not too long.   I was in someone’s office a while back looking at the books setting on the shelving.  Yep the shelves have a definite bend to the bottom near the middle of the span.  Anyway…

One thing I like about the dado is the satisfaction I get when I set the shelf into the dado.   Even thought I know it’s going to fit just so – I’m pleased everytime.   Like I’ve never seen that before 🙂

How do you cut yours?  Router?  Dado cutter on the table saw?  Or maybe you’re a pocket screw type and do little or no cutting at all!   Hmmm.. .  Back to the topic – designing woodworking projects to include a dado on a board surface.

Yep a common woodworking task – cutting a dado.  How to do in in our free furniture design software?  Well basically it’s a non-round hole cut accross the board at a given location, with acertain height and depth of less htan the board thickness.  Usually but not always these run horizontally.  The video shows how to do that.  Given a moment to think however you can figure out how to adjust the size and location values to make a cut vertically.

Good luck.  Design once – measure twice – cut once.

If there’s anything I can add or help you with send me an email.











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