SketchList 3D: The Essential 3D Wood Design Tool for Quick & Precise Work

SketchList 3D allows you to build a three-dimensional model of your design with striking life-like detail. Completely-integrated reports give you all you need to get to the shop and start cutting. It is easy to learn and fun to use! Professional woodworkers use SketchList 3D to design, visualize, and improve designs so that actually constructing the piece is smooth and error-free.

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3D Wood Design Software: The Most Important Tool in your Toolbox

Join the thousands of woodworking professionals and hobbyists around the world who have transformed their businesses and project workflows with SketchList 3D.

Building virtual projects is a matter of inserting virtual boards, cutting to size, and locating them in the design. The model is created instantly on the screen. Simply enter dimensions and materials for the models, and the software automatically generates the layouts, spreadsheet, drawings, cut lists, and other reports needed for all of your planning, purchasing, and production needs. From chairs and benches to tables and closets, SketchList 3D makes project guesswork obsolete.

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Powerful 3D Wood Design Features: SketchList Version 5

  • Easy-to-use app navigation
  • One-click sizing, cloning, spacing, and mirroring
  • Realistic project renderings
  • Templates library
  • One-click contours, holes, joints, and lines
  • Customizable interface
  • Drag and snap objects
  • Cutting guidance for CNC machines
  • Automated cut list report

Use Our Cutting-Edge 3D Wood Design Software to:

Generate quality models fast

SketchList 3D makes pen and paper design and rendering a thing of the past. Create sketches, copy designs from project to project, work with virtual 3D boards, and design custom contours, joinery, and boards with a few mouse clicks—all with instant visual feedback guides to direct you from the design stage to cutting your wood.

Create and use standard objects

Gain inspiration from our vast library of materials, objects, and projects. You can also custom build your own hardware, materials, boards, and more to save you precious project time.

Run accurate reports

Reports are automatically generated and modified as you develop your project. They provide complete parts and cut lists for CNC machines, shop drawings, and material layout diagrams. Customize and standardize information that you want to display in each report to keep all of your project work highly-accurate.

Spot mistakes early on

Avoid pesky project mistakes by visualizing your design, making edits, and producing accurate cut lists before cutting anything. SketchList 3D gives you control over every board, cut, angle, and hole in your design with just a click of a button and allows you to produce accurate one-off designs effortlessly. Don’t be afraid to try a new design out—SketchList will help you envision it before investing resources.

Save time and money

With templates, reports, spreadsheets, and productivity tools, every tweak you make to your wood design is instantly reflected throughout the whole project. Be prepared to boost revenue and minimize waste with the optimized cutting layout. Our 3D wood design software will streamline your whole production, enabling you to produce more, quicker.

Design materials to promote your business

With SketchList 3D, you can quickly create and share a variety of materials to sell your services to potential customers, including stunning before and after images, multiple design model options, spreadsheets, custom reports, and more. Use these to land clients and to share your work with your social networks or on your website.

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What our Users are Saying About SketchList

85% of responders

said they'd recommend SketchList to friends and family

Robert Thsuster

The trial version was very helpful in one of my larger jobs and the finished product was spot-on
for the on-site install. The two floor registers fell right into place with the breakfast nook seating! The client LOVED the piece and we’re in conversation for another large job.

Adam Harris

SketchList 3D Pro is a really good CAD software for the DIY set. There are a few things that they could have included to make life easier for non-professionals, but it’s still got a lot of versatility so that you don’t need to be a cabinet maker to make use of it. All in all, I highly recommend this software, and will now be using it as my primary go-to when I need to work with cabinets.

Don Neil

Easy to use, very nice rendering and really helpful towards creating my material list, along with
minimizing waste with the cut lists and diagrams.

John R.

Ease of use… works like a woodworker thinks rather than how a programmer thinks.

Craig R.

Very good support along with online education videos.

Frank Willingham

I looked for years for a design woodworking software program that would easily capture a design and enable modifications. I tried Autocad, Designcad, and Sketchup. As a result of my experience. I found all of these programs are very complicated, expensive, and carry a huge learning curve. Sketchlist has captured the best of these programs from a woodworker’s perspective. Furthermore it is easy to input dimensions and make adjustments as needed.
Whether it is a simple box design or the molding that surrounds it, SketchList makes it easy.
And it is very affordable.

Lee Peterson

SketchList 3D Professional offers me all the features I could possibly use. It is particularly
useful in estimating how much material I will need for each project, and for providing cutting layouts. Because I find it to be very accurate on material costs I feel comfortable with that part of my bids.

John Lansing

I am sorry it took me so long to purchase your design software, but boy when I did, the business boomed! I’ve been using your cabinet design software now quite extensively. I have designed and quoted on 4 jobs in the first month of receiving it and have successfully won 3 of those jobs. The fourth one was actually put on hold because of the customers situation!

Mike Oldak

SketchList is unbelievable! I’ve use this cabinet design software package and it really pays off.
Just the optimization of the cuts for the 4×8 sheets of plywood was worth the price. Saving even a sheet now and then pays for the software. I give the local wood shop my cutting diagrams and have them do all of that for me. This was especially important as my small shop didn’t handle large 4×8 sheets easily. Feel free to use the photos I sent if you like as examples of what can be done with SketchList on a first try.

Fred Eisis

Our shop uses SketchList everyday, sometimes even directly with our customers standing over our shoulder. Most of all we love the design features that are related just to woodworking and the photo backgrounds from clients are an amazing feature. Furthermore we’re thinking of using the 3D PDF on a touch screen in our showroom.

Dan Longiaru

I used your software for a wall unit for one of my clients. Up to now we’ve done everything with pen and paper. The 3D renderings absolutely blew them away. In addition, your software guided me in a detailed technical discussion with the clients about their requirements. Since that type of discussion sometimes uncovers requirements that affected the contract price — better to find out sooner than later.

John Canning

I am a brand-new customer and, after 30 minutes, have fallen in love with SketchList Hobby. Your program is exactly what I needed – and it is so easy to use. In my first 30 minutes of use, I learned all about SketchList Hobby as I entered my current project. It’s just a simple crate, but it has to be exactly right in order to protect the contents that will be stored within. As I learned more about the program, and took advantage of the different views and tools, I found more than one math error I made when I was working with pencil and paper. I am in love with the program and am now searching for an excuse to upgrade to the Pro version.

All your project needs in one software package

SketchList users design cabinets, furniture, fences, closets, and more--pretty much anything made from wood. You can either dream up your own design or use one of our tried-and-true templates.

  • Furniture Design

    Whether you're building bunk beds, chests, tables, or cabinets, with SketchList 3D, you can quickly create a furniture layout to watch your design adjust in real-time. To add finishing touches, use our vast library of materials (which includes most wood species, stone, leather, metal, and glass) or create your own.

  • Kitchen Design

    With SketchList, crafting stunning kitchen cabinets design layouts from start to finish can be done with just a few clicks. Designing models with SketchList 3D is like building with your hands. Assemble recognizable 3D objects and set joinery, contours, holes, angles, and board shapes just where you want them.

  • Cabinet Design

    Build virtual plans of cabinetry while also automatically calculating the part sizes, as well as generating the cut lists of your models. Perfectly align multiple objects in seconds or use the clone and space feature to calculate exact board placement. Whatever the project, SketchList 3D will make your process smoother, easier, and more precise.

Let our advanced platform take care of all your calculation, information storage, and design needs.

Are you ready to transform the way you work? Try out SketchList 3D to see for yourself!

Unrivaled Technical Support

We designed SketchList 3D to be at the core of your business operations. If you are having any issues with our powerful woodworking software, you will need a quick fix so as not to lose any valuable production time. We offer a vast amount of online resources to help you get the most out of SketchList.

  • New users get six months of free support
  • We host weekly meetings to discuss your questions and run demonstrations
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