Design Software in 3 Easy Steps

Design Software in 3 Easy Steps – Video Design software – SketchList 3D – requires you to go through three steps. First you insert an object or container. Second you size it. Third you locate it. An object is a board – generally speaking.  A container is a collection of objects and other containers.  For Read More

Report generation with SketchList 3D

Lesson: Using SketchList 3D to generate reports. Summary: One basic concept in SketchList 3-D is that designing and reporting are integrated. Changes to the design are automatically and instantly changed in the reports. Each report has a set up stage where you specify the types of information that you want to display in the report. Read More

Material Creation

Lesson: Using SketchList 3D to create new materials. Summary:  Objects in SketchList 3D are made up of materials. Most likely an object will be a board made up of a  some sort of wood. However there are no limitations on type of object you can create or the type of material you might use to Read More

Using Containers in Design Saves Time

Lesson – The use of containers in SketchList 3D Summary:   SketchList 3D uses the containers as collections of objects and other containers that make up the overall design. The project is the highest level container. It is the thing you are making: kitchen, office, entertainment center, or even an entire room. A project must Read More

Resizing Boards

Lesson:  This lesson teaches you how to size and re-size aboard using the four tools within SketchList 3D.  You will also learn the relationship between size and location. Summary:  The size of a board [or any object really] in a given direction is the distance between the outside edges. Right edge – left edge = width. Read More

Virtual Boards

Woodworking Design Software uses virtual boards to achieve designs. Lesson:   Using the tools of SketchList 3D woodworking design software to create boards.  You will learn the five elements of a board [according to SketchList 3D] and how to enter and change them.  You will see what is required of a board by the optimizer Read More

Locating Many Boards to Achieve Your Design

  Lesson – Locating Many Boards to Achieve Your Design   Summary: You will learn to locate boards in three-dimensional spaces using the tools available in SketchList 3D   Lesson 2. Locating many boards for a design Learning Objectives Relationships of Boards The videos accompanying the lesson of this section will show you how to Read More