Woodwork design made simple

Design and build furniture for your clients

For over ten years, SketchList has automated and simplified the most time consuming, detailed and repetitive woodwork design tasks. From small designs to large projects, the SketchList solution enables you to work in the office or shop or at your client's home, seamlessly.

Build the furniture your client needs

The ultimate goal of woodwork design is, in this case, to satisfy the client's needs. There are several aspects of this. First, you can go from a very general discussion about a client's needs to a solid 3D rendering is a very short period of time. Second, modifications and changes happen in minutes.  And if something looks out of proportion - change it and see the alternative right away.  Since you see your work it is easier to avoid problems down the road. Finally, because you are working with 'virtual boards', when building your idea you get instant feedback on how the elements of your design go together.  As a result the process is very familiar to woodworkers.

Don't tell, show

Clients love to see your ideas, provide feedback, and work with you to get what they want.  Moreover, they love seeing the 'before' version of your work prior to work starting.  As a result there are less phone calls, meetings, and missed expectations.  One popular output of designs is the Abode 3D PDF - which allows you to send a 3D model of your proposed work and have your client view it from all perspectives using the PDF reader.

Woodworking Design Software - a complete solution

While this seems like a woodwork design - only approach, all the reports you need for planning, purchase, and production generate automatically and instantly.  As a result, very little time at all is spent on the reporting side of your project.  If time is a concern for you, then you will be happy with this.
  • Accurate reports create increased efficiencies

    • Since reports automatically generate and modify while you draft your woodwork design, it saves you time.
    • Complete parts and cut lists provide all parts of the job, material type and name.
    • Because material cost is automatically generated as a result you can quickly price of what’s needed for the job.
    • Shop drawings help your team or subs communication therefore reducing confusion.
    • Optimized layout diagram saves time and almost always reduces material scrap.
  • Create and use standard objects

    • Cabinets. A library of basic cabinets for use anywhere. As a result you just insert and size as necessary to speed your designs.
    • Drawers.  Create your own custom drawer styles or display drawers you outsource.
    • Doors. Create different styles as needed for use in any job.
    • Hardware. Custom design your own hardware, pulls, hinges, knobs and more.
  • Work like a woodworker

    1. One click joints (dados, rabbets, tenons to name a few)
    2. One click contours (ogee, cove, bullnose and more.)
    3. Unlimited species, colors, and grains.  Or you can create your own.
    4. Easily drill holes and cut shapes with just a couple mouse clicks
  • Powerful, time-saving design features

    • Drag and snap-to objects ensure a perfect fit the first time, every time
    • Dynamic resizing enables you to quickly modify sizes to meet requirements means one size fits all.
    • In addition the ability to insert photo realistic backgrounds of clients’ rooms provides realistic environments.
    • Due to the power of Clone, Clone and mirror, clone and space, for quick and accurate designs you can use the same work over and over again.
    • Align tools move to an edge or allow centering boards in one click.

    Success Stories from our Customers

  • I looked for years for a design woodworking software program that would easily capture a design and enable modifications. I tried Autocad, Designcad, and Sketchup.  As a result of my experience I found all of these programs are very complicated, expensive, and carry a huge learning curve. Sketchlist has captured the best of these programs from a woodworker’s perspective.  Furthermore it is easy to input dimensions and make adjustments as needed. Whether it is a simple box design or the molding that surrounds it, SketchList makes it easy.  And it is very affordable.

    Frank Willingham

  • SketchList 3D Professional offers me all the features I could possibly use. It is particularly useful in estimating how much material I will need for each project, and for providing cutting layouts.  Because I find it to be very accurate on material costs I feel comfortable with that part of my bids.

    Lee Peterson