Boards and Materials and… Cabinet Design Software

bookcase designed with cabinet design software

I received an email from a user that taught me a few things.  He was ‘frustrated’ and needed some advice.  When we spoke he said he found the relationship between boards and materials confusing.  What I learned is that what is obvious to some is not to others.  SO I decided to make a video explaining the relationship between boards and materials.

Boards – we’re beginning to call them parts – are three dimensional objects in your design.  They can be shelves, or rails and stiles, or dividers – or anything.

Material is the stuff boards (parts) come from.  It can be anything (wood, stone, glass….) of any size.  A material has a width and length which you change when you ‘cut’ boards from that material.  You set the thickness when you define a material and can’t change that.  Someday we’ll make that possible!






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