Cabinet Design Software — rotate cabinets

It is pretty obvious that cabinet design software needs to rotate cabinets to be considered  fully functional.  The latest release of SketchList design software has a greatly improved interface and methodology for rotating

  • assemblies,
  • doors,
  • drawers,
  • hardware, and
  • boards

any number of [whole] degrees in any direction.

Replacing the slant board – the new rotate function works better for your cabinet design software.

The idea is that you rotate an object either front / back, top / bottom, or left right.  As always in SketchList 3D, all actions take place from the point of origin.   That is the point where front, left, bottom equal zero.  So any rotation of the object starts at the point of origin.

It’s a bit difficult to explain how the rotations occur around the various pivot points.  It is really much easier to watch the video posted on YouTube to understand how you can move the object in a rotational fashion.

With this new capability in the  SketchList 3D cabinet design software you can combine the directions in which you rotate the object.

Another advantage over the old slant function in SketchList 3D is that boards with attributes – shaped boards boards with contours or holes – can be rotated just like any other object.

A key tool in this new rotation function is the ability to show the corners of the object being rotated.  If you select an object, for example an assembly, and right mouse click on that selected object in the viewing area,  a menu will open.   You can choose from the menu the option to show the corner points.   When you click that option the corner points of the object will display little blue circles.  If you right click on a blue circle a form will open showing the locational values value of that point.corner form cabinet design software

Unlike the forms in SketchList 3D which contain the left-width-right,  bottom-height-top,  front-depth-back choices, the edit corner form has one number for  each direction.  To move the board in any direction a specific amount just change the value for left, bottom, or front and click the OK button.     This is another easy way to move objects around in SketchList 3-D.

You can butt two objects together by right clicking on the corner of one and copying its values by clicking the copy button, then left clicking another object and right clicking the point on that second object where you want the butting to occur.  Click paste and okay and the objects will come together.  This is demonstrated in the YouTube video.

So experiment with the new feature. Try things out and let us know what you like, don’t like, or think that we might be able to do better with this new rotate feature and its accompanying blue dot locating capability.





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