Cabinet Design Software Wins Big Job

Design detail, vision and presentation presented in SketchList 3D Cabinet making Software

William LaRue of Ballston Spa, NY has done another great looking kitchen using SketchList 3D.  The amount and degree of detail is amazing.  These images   are just  a few Will submitted as a part of his detailed proposal with his bid on the kitchen for his prospect.

This first image shows the bar stools Will designed to add a bit of reality to the image.  You can see the farmer’s sink and the great treatment of the windows.  The bead board on the peninsula base adds a nice touch.


cabinet design software


The next image shows three interwoven upper cabinets tied together visually in style and proportion.  The crown molding wrapping around the three units also serve to unify the area.


cabinet design software larue 3



Adding still more detail, Will has done a great job creating both ceiling fans and pendent hanging lights.  The black and stainless stove adds to the realism of the room design.  Notice the light shining in from the windows on the right side.  Nice touch.


cabinet design software larue 2


A different perspective is served up to show the prospective client another view of the kitchen.   Again lighting and shadows bring up the effects of the 3D imaging.

cabinet design software

The prospect was pretty much blown away by the presentation.  The proposal took the buyer from the “I’ll think about it”  stage to the  “when could you start it?”

Of course Will’s skills, professionalism, and reputation in the area were the real driving factors in this business winning bid.  But from the point of view of the prospect, nice pictures to look at and show friends helped seal the deal.

Great work Will and thanks for sharing.


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