Casework design using standard boards.

Casework design time can be cut dramatically by re-using standard parts.


casework standard boards
casework standard boards

The linked in video on YouTube has three goals.

  1. Allow new users to begin designs without rally understanding the concept of board orientation.
  2. Reviewing how to use the very powerful red and blue dots editing features.
  3. Introducing a new way of designing that is REALLY going to speed you design times – especially on one-off case good jobs.  Although the approach applies to all design really.

The basic concept is to have a fairly comprehensive set of predesignated boards that you can simply drag into your designs.  There are about twenty of them at this point.  I made the list by taking several large [and diverse] projects, generating parts lists, and exporting them to a spreadsheet.  I sorted by part name and took the ones that repeated several times.  That means they were used in more than one project.  Anyway if you find my list wrong or lacking – let me know.  It’s easy enough to add boards.

To use the new standards just send me an email and I’ll send you a project that contains them all.  Import this project and one by one select each board and make it into a standard.  Eventually we will automate importing of multiple standards to save time.  But if you’re in a hurry you need to do it manually.  I am also pretty sure that these standards will appear as part of the database we send with new installs of SketchList 3D.

Once you have the standards in your data, just drag them into assemblies in your design.  They are all a bit small so you don’t have the problem of a board being too big for an assembly.  Using red dots you can easily re-size.


Watch this video to get the idea.


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