Clone and Mirror, Rotate, Merge Assemblies

Questions are good.  I got a great question in an email last night.

“I am trying program and couldn’t find a way of rotating a door inside of an assembly, is it really possible? If I wanted to do a “strange” design and create two adjacent doors with 90 degree correlation, then how do I do it?”

Well let me tell you about the business man looking for a one armed economist.  Why?  Because every economist  he ever listened to said “on one hand…. on the other hand…”.

On one hand you can’t rotate a door or drawer within an assembly.  At least not right now.

On the other hand this video LINK TO VIDEO CLICK THIS show you how to get around that.

A few steps.

  1.  Put door in assembly.
  2.  Clone (or clone and mirror) that assembly.
  3.  Rotate the cloned assembly 90 degrees.
  4.  Merge the two assemblies.

doors rotated at 90 degrees

Presto chango — all done.

Don’t forget stretch and shrink as other useful assembly tools in the tools set of our cabinet and furniture design software.




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