Custom Woodwork Software Imports Photos

Custom woodwork software uses images in designing  cabinets and built-ins to create reality.

If you want to enhance your design and make it more realistic and meaningful to your prospect, you should use the import image feature in your custom woodworking software.  This article contains a link to a video which will show you how it’s done.

Try to get a straight on photo of whatever it is you want to import.  In this case the camera was not parallel to the back wall and the result is distorted a bit.  It still works though – and it’s probably light years ahead of your competition. Camera quality doesn’t matter that much.  The image above was captured with a cell phone.

The steps are as follows.

  1. Make a new material for a board.
  2. Select new texture for that material from you computer
  3. Set the scale to equal the size of – in this case room – the image.  If it looks funny in your design you probably got the wrong size.
  4. Enter the material sizes in the stock database – keep it thin.
  5. Insert a board and pick the material from the list.
  6. You may need to try different grain directions.
  7. Then push this wall to the back of the design and add your own design over the top.
  8. In the design above the cabinets were added to the sides and under the window.



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