How to cut a mortise and place a hinge on a door

This example of how to cut a mortise and place a hinge shows how SketchList 3D allows you to replicate woodworking functions with a few mouse clicks.



Received the email from the user who wanted to know how one would put an hinge on to a door using SketchList 3.   Sometimes the easiest way to answer question like that is to put together a quick video which is what I did.   The mortise was set up the edge of the door as a rabbet – the cut of which was 1/4 inch deep 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. I had no actual specification for hinge or requirement so I just made some numbers up.

The process involves:

  1. selecting the stile that holds the hinge
  2. selecting the edge of the style where the mortise will be cut
  3. putting a joinery type of rabbet on that style
  4. sizing the rabbet to be large enough to hold the thickness with an depth of the hinge.

Once the rabbet is cut I create the hinge.
(Of course having created the hinge I could save it as a standard and use it in other projects. Simply click the standards button and an enter name.)

Creating the hinge involves:

  • inserting new hardware container into the assembly,
  • sizing that hardware to fit into the rabbet cut in the prior steps,
  • filling the hardware with an “board” consisting of material that looks similar to the metal you will use for your hinge,
  • and shaping drilling holes and contouring the edges of that hinge hardware to meet your visual requirements.

As the saying goes picture is worth 1000 words – or is a 10,000?  In any case I put together the video to show you exactly how to accomplish all the work mentioned above.

As a bonus in this video I show how to present the door both closed and open – in this case 45° angle.  I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions send me an email.




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