Desk woodworking plans added to Sketchlist 3D

Desk woodworking plans are changed forever by our Wizard.

desk woodworking plans

I admit desk woodworking plans are of interest to me.  Well any woodworking plans really.  When I started SketchList – almost 10 years ago – I bought some plans and used SketchList to reproduce them.  Basically I wanted to see if my SketchList created plan was ‘right’.    What I found was the almost every plan I bought was off a little bit here or there.  I assumed it was my design that was in error because – well I paid good money for the plans.  And it was printed on nice paper and even had photographs.  But with a re-check, I saw the purchased plan was still off here and there.  But that was ok.  Because at least it gave me a starting point.

However, the real problem with printed plans is they are printed and therefore stagnant.  What we want is a ‘mostly complete’ plan that somehow takes their unique requirements – sizes, materials – into account.  One comment on a plan selling site asked: “I love the bed but need a king.  Do you do it in king?”

I designed an office desk in one of my last posts usingSketchList 3D and building the desk board by board.  And it is a comprehensive design.  Five drawers, two pedestals, and paneled sides and backs.  How could it be better?  Do it faster.  People want speed.

The desk woodworking plans partially address the desire of a woodworker for a faster start.  Often with the tradeoff that certain adjustments need making on the fly.  Experience shows that fly-made adjustments done in the shop sometimes contain errors.  Sometimes we call it scrap.

So how to you get speed and accuracy?  SketchList 3D Wizard is the answer.

With the Wizard you create your desk woodworking plans by modifing the existing model of the desk by adjusting several parameters in six categories.  Any part size or location affected by a change you make dynamically adjusts itself.  And of course the adjustments cascade to every part in the desk.  Now those are what I call dynamic desk woodworking plans.

Showing the main Wizard form. Desk woodworking plans made easy.

In the image above under the size panel, you change the thickness of the panel.  And/or adjust the panel set back amount from its frame member.   Of course you can modify the thickness of the rails and or stiles as well.  Certainly it all fits together giving you truly customizable desk woodworking plans witout all the work.

We supply the beginning plans and you modfiy them.  And you can see, nothing can be easier.

Watch the video to get an idea of what you can do with the desk design in the SketchList 3D Wizard.


Can’t wait to use the Wizard on your own desk woodworking plans?  More information  is coming soon.  If you are a SketchList 3D user and would like to help us test it, send us an email.

Still want to buy plans?  Here’s a link.

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