Wood design software – FAQ and news items

Wood Design Software – bits and pieces.

Our wood design software is used for a great deal of applications.  Users of SketchList 3D sometimes surprise me with the types of things they design.  It’s been sometime since I’ve posted and wanted to catch up a bit.

I want to address five items in this post.

  1. How to move your SketchList 3D to a new computer?

    • Download SketchList 3D to new/fixed computer.
    • On old computer export all projects you want to move. Copy them onto a movable storage device.
    • On new computer import saved projects.
    • Delete copy of SketchList 3D from old computer.
    • Email SketchList confirming deletion and requesting a new key.
    • Enter key on new copy of SketchList 3D to activate.
    • Remember unless you purchased more than one copy you are licensed to run SketchList 3D on one computer only.
  2. How to move my projects?

    • Under the file menu item select export.
    • Pick the project or projects your want to move and export them.
    • On the other computer pick import project.
    • Select the db3 file with the project you want to import.
    • Import.
    • If anything goes wrong – you can always do a file restore action to bring back the projects.
  3. How to find what I need?

    • Type the term – say door – into the search box at the top right of sketchlist.com.
    • A list of all posts related to that term – many of which contain video links – will appear in a list.  form for searching on web page
  4. What about the new add-on in the planning stage for SketchList 3D.

    While working on a way to make quicker cabinets and furniture led me to a “rapid model” idea.  Very, very basically the idea is you name the  assembly and provide the sizes.  Then  SketchList 3D generates a model.  You can, if necessary, work with SketchList 3D  to add details as your use of the model may require.  While our original thinking had this add-on going into version 5 [probably the end of 2019] someone asked if this add-on might appear in V4.  However  answer is maybe.  We’ve ended putting new features into V4.  Still  – if there is enough interest we might change the plan.  What I am looking for on this is a user funded development program – like Kickstarter.  If you want to hear more send me an email or call me.

  5. Why should I use SketchList 3D?

    • I know my answers.  But  watch this video and hear someone besides me provide an answer…






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