Move CAD Beyond the Computer into the Shop

Move CAD Beyond the Computer into the Shop
Other woodworking design programs (CAD) bog down at a critical juncture – the with design done there’s little to take beyond the door to the shop. Iamnge of woodworker at saw now.
Yes some CAD programs will produce a file that a CNC machine can use to cut parts, but many smaller woodworking shops have not yet made that big investment. We know it’s coming and are beginning to plan on putting such interfaces into SketchList 3D.
But in the mean time you need to (1) sell your job,  (2) get the design to the shop,  (3) cut wood, and (4) get paid!
You want design software that not only creates images of what you are making, but follows through with not only shop drawings but also parts lists, purchase lists, and even optimized material layout diagrams.  Those are what it takes to move the job through the shop.  SketchList 3D will give you all of those.
The output of the SketchList 3D  design process can help speed projects through your shop.
Those outputs include include:
  •  Optimized Material Layout – optimizing material and reducing waste.
  •  Parts List  – sort by any parameter, cut sizes, material.
  •  Purchase List – all the parts gathered into materials do you need – and what do they cost.
  •  Fully Dimensioned Shop Drawings in 2D
  •  Photo Quality 3D images

See how it all works: view the videos now.

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