Mudroom design using SketchList 3D

Mudroom design was the topic of our Tuesday night users meeting.

Each Tuesday night the SketchList 3D user community gets together via Zoom.  We typically design something using SketchList 3D checking out its tools and techniques with a real-world project.

User designed mudroom

This week a user, Scott, did submit a project he was designing for his home mudroom.  It uses a bit of a recess now occupied with hooks to hang coats and such.  He is transforming the mudroom into a shoe and boot storage rack.  There are a bunch of shelves covered by two sliding doors.

image of mudroom shalving


The overall is roughly 56 wide, 20 deep, and 100 tall.  This image hides one of the doors to reveal the mudroom shelving.

At the meeting, we examined the way Scott chose to break down the overall project into three assemblies.   Some suggestions were kicked around and a few small modifications were made to the mudroom cabinets.  As someone pointed out this could also be a laundry mudroom design.

This is how Scott summarized the result of the meeting.


“Thank you very much for featuring my mudroom project this week!  I learned a lot ?

I did a design review with my wife, and it caused the middle section to grow and have boot (8”) and shoe (6”) alternating shelves.  We moved to ½” plywood for the shoe shelves to reduce some of the net height add.

The design changed a lot.  I got the lower, middle,  upper, and face frames into separate containers and also added the tenons to the shelves.  I then made all the horizontal carcass panels full width and verticals fit between… to standardize cuts as much as possible.

I tried to put the doors in a separate container and saved the doors to my library before deleting them out of the upper container.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to bring them back.  I watched the videos on the library but still was not able to overcome my lack of expertise.  What am I doing wrong?”


project broekn into parts


This image shows the new design of the mudroom with its assemblies moved around for better display.  It’s a bit difficult to see the differences in the shelf sizes, but they are there.  In this version, Scott added a new assembly to hold the frame.  Sometimes it is just easier to make changes in frame size when it exists as a separate mudroom assembly.

Answer the missing mudroom doors question.  Once you save an object [assemblies, doors, drawers, hardware. or boards] into the library, go to the inset new assembly icon at the top left of the screen.  Click “Frome Libary” and select “doors” and pick the saved door from the list and it inserts into the assembly you choose.

If you want to see more about mudroom or laundry mudroom design check out this link.

In general mudroom information can be found on the internet – for example, this.

This is a getting started video.

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