Networking added to cabinet design software

Our cabinet design software is getting a networking capability!!!

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Several months ago we received emails from different companies and factories interested in the ability to have sales people, designers, and production staff share SketchList 3D projects over a network. Well we have had this running for several weeks now and it is really exciting.

As you may know SketchList 3D has the ability to export and import projects, but this is different.  With the MySQL approach there would be one copy of the database and many users can access that.  Of course each computer accessing the data must have its own copy of SketchList 3D.


I have been using this version of the cabinet design on our network and can say I have not noticed any changes in performance.  Plus it’s kind of cool to get to the same designs from my office computer during the day and home computer at night.   I can imagine where you might be in a client’s home reviewing a design and have a designer in the office have access to that same project.

At this point we have the prototype running and many tasks in front of us.  There are utilities and tools to be built to make everything as seamless as possible for the users.

This is where you come in!  If you have any interest at all – now or in the future – in networking SketchList 3D will you please share your thought with us?

Here you can fill out the form.   You need not answer all the questions – anything you can add will be useful.

And as always – if you would like to help us by testing the software in beta – please let me know.


Thank you


Dave Rozewski

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