Placement of a Board – Woodworking Software Tip #2

Someone commented that she has was doing a lot of math — what is 3 3/16 minus 1/2 anyway???  — since beginning to use SketchList 3D.   I explained that much of the time you are sizing and placing boards — the math is automatic and needs no thought really.  I put together a 3 minute video about how to do this.  If you want to butt two boards together you simply make the correct sides (left, right) equal.

Autosize Boards in Woodworking Software
Left = Right and Boards Butt

The dimension boxes work on a diagonal.   When Right of Board A = Left of Board B – the boards butt together.  The right edge of Board A touches the left edge of Board B.  To place Board B between A and C – make sure the right edge of Board B = the Left edge of Board C.  And since the left and right edges of board B should always be different – clicking the Width column heading will change the width of board B to be EXACTLY what is needed to fit between the two boards.  Which if you are dealing with 11 7/8 and 25 5/16 – does in fact eliminate some math for you.  This is one thing woodworking design software should do.

It really is harder to read about than to watch.




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