SketchList 3D woodworking software shortcuts

Software shortcuts in your SketchList 3D free woodworking design software.
There are a host of  tools and tips in SketchList 3D that are a bit hidden.  I am most probably the cause of the hidden nature of these. Sorry.  But a user wrote in and asked for a map – and this post deals with his question.
Under the Help menu there is an option named Design Tools.  Open it and play around with the tools.
a list of keyboard shortcuts in Sketchlist 3D
M is a magnifier.  Press the M key and a rectangle of largeness appears wherever you move your cursors.

R is the rotate tool [one of them].  I think it’s a bit difficult but some people like it.  REMEMBER if you are rotating or slanting in 90 degree increments – select the object, click the rotate tab on the right of the screen, go to the bottom and use those icons.  Or maybe easier – right click the object to open the menu.  Go to the rotate option and click on a direction.
T is of course the tape rule.  Click the tape rule icon at the top of the screen.  Hole down the T key and click on a starting point in your design.  Now cursor to the end point of the measurement.
The other tools are fairly standard on computers.  For more on using the dots see these videos on YouTube.
Blue dots locate.  LINK
Red dots size.  LINK
Thank you.  Continue designing great thigs with our SketchList 3D woodworking software.  And please keep the questions coming…

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